May 14, 2013

Clockwork Aristokitty *nyan*

Hello my sweeties <3

Honestly everytime I start a post I want to write "Hello my dearies!" but that reminds me of Rumplestilzkin from Once upon a time so much that I keep to what I normally use xD

...BUT enough of my rambling and on to the topic that is at hand ;) I saw it and I fell in love :3 It is the new print by Alice and the Pirates and it is called Clockwork Aristokitty. OMG, it is so gorgeous and cute at the same time. I will definitely put it onto my wishlist because cats and squares and CATS *O* And the hat is just plain awesome. Well some might argue that catears give of a strange vibe with Lolita but I don't really care. I am wearing bunnyears with pride why not catears also? But enough of the rambling and on to the pictures <3
 I really like both versions but my favourite color so far is green. Black is a little bit plain in my opinion and well, at the moment I am really into light green so this dress is right up my alley :3 I really like the polkadots at the second JSK - Sooo cute!

 The bow is not headeating and dominiating on your head and the hat is just A-W-E-S-O-M-E <3 <3 <3 <3 I love it!

 Cats make everything awesome <3 One new print to be added to my wishlist...that I am redoing will get much much muuuuuuch longer than my current one, so stay tuned ;)

Have a nice day everyone~
I am going to Stuttgart today to celebrate my birthday a little bit :3


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