May 6, 2013

Japan Day 11 - A Lolitas Dream

Hello sweeties <3

Only 3 days of my Japanreport left...I hope you aren't bored yet ^^" Well, on day 11 we finally had our shopping day *yay* and I was able to wear the things I bought at the Baby-store in Fukuoka *w00t* But before we started our shopping spree we went to Mitsukoshi to get some deluxe breakfast xD As some of you might know Mitsukoshi is Japans very own Harrods ;) I bought some sandwiches and some delicous fruis tiramisu *om nom nom* After Mitsukoshi we went to Yoyogi Park and had a rather windy breakfast...our stuff nearly was blown away xD" With full stomachs we started in Harajuku and stopped at every Lolita store. At Closet Child I found one of my dream dresses *yay* Later we went to Shinjuku to visit the Closet Child there and have some sweets at the Alice Cafe...we found both stores and I also bought Sugar Pansy at Closet Child BUT the Alice Cafe was already closing down...and it only was 3 pm O.o" A little bit disappointed we went back to Harajuku and had some amazing Parfait at Cafe Noa <3
Takeshita Street - the heart of Harajuku <3 <3 <3

Nihonbashi (Bridge of Japan) in front of Mitsukoshi - well Nihonbashi actually is a district in Tokyo but in the past only the bridge was called Nihonbashi as it was the way onto the Tokkaido, the route that connects Kanto and the past it was really important for the merchants ^^

Mitsukoshi with shrine at the entrance.

Entrance to the Alice Cafe :) Next time I will definitely visit it ^^b
At Laforet in Harajuku we met this cute little fellow <3 <3 <3 And I love my Icing Dancing Cake *_* *brandwhore me* Everything is Baby except the shoes xD

Epic parfait is epic *O*
For dinner we had Ramen at Tokyo station *om nom nom* They looked just like in the anime xD
Now there are only two days left to write about xD Hope you are still enjoying my Japan diary ;)

Have a nice evening <3



  1. Replies
    1. It was *_* But after that day my feet hurt like hell xD

  2. Dein Parfait sieht wirklich episch aus *g* Hach, das war bestimmt ein toller Tag für die Lolita in dir *__* Ganz viel CC gucken <3

    1. Es war auch episch lecker *O* Es war ein echt toller Tag...hätte ihn nur so gern auch mit euch geteilt <3