May 23, 2013

No guts no glory...

Hello sweeties <3

Today will be different as I want to take you back to times long past...meaning my childhood ;) Most of you won't even know the shows I will talk about but I assure you, after you get used to the oldschool style and the "crappy" animation those TV shows are really worth a watch. But lets start~

1. The Galaxy Rangers
The show is from the 80s but I actually watched it in the 90s...well, I am older but not that old ;) It is the story about 4 people who through different circumstances become a team and somehow try to save the galaxy from evil. The story is pretty generic but awesome nonetheless ;)

2. Thundercats
Well, this one is just epic! And I just noticed that there is also a new show that was produced in 2011/12 and that I am going to watch. So if you don't like the 80s animation, maybe the 2011 version is something for you ;) Although I can't say anything about that yet ^^"

3. Saber Rider
Well, no nostalgic post without Saber Rider. Although it is a Japanese anime it never really made it big in Japan. Only after being altered for American TV it became a really big hit in the 80s and 90s. As kids my friends and I even played out certain epidodes of the show...and to this day I am still a total fan of Fireball <3

4. Queen Millennia
Well, this anime was also altered for western viewers...I also only know the western version. And also it confused me alot I still loved it. I think this was actually the first anime I ever watched...I was six years old I think xD And remembering it I don't think this anime was meant to be watched by a six year old me *hahaha*

There were many more shows that I watched when I was really young. I watched many things that were not supposed for a 6-8 year old during that time and maybe that is the reason I am a bit not "normal" but especially the above four shows stayed in my mind. They were the start of my obsession with animation, especially Japanese animation...and there were many more shows to come that I was obsessed with *hahaha*

What TV shows did you watch as a little kid?

Have a nice day



  1. Also außer Queen Millennia kenne ich alle :D

    1. Bis auf Königin der 100 Jahre wurden ja auch alle Serien drülfzigtausend mal auf Tele 5 oder RTL 2 wiexderholt xD