May 24, 2013

Only Teardrops...

Hello sweeties <3

Did you watch the Eurovision Songcontest on Saturday? I watched it together with Emilielynn and Vanilla and we had so much fun. Well, there were also some creepy songs but most of the contetstants were really great :) Here are my favourites~

Winner of the ESC 2013 - Emmelie de Forest woth "Only Teardrops"
Gotta admit the performave was cute, the guy playing flute was as well xD and the song is just so beautiful <3
Azerbeijan - Hold me
Awesome show and song ^^b Would have loved if this song won but well~
Anouk for the Netherlands with Birds - really beautiful song.
Norway - I feed you my love. :3
And as a special video because He somewhat looked and sang like an Elf from Tolkiens books *tada*
Eythor Ingi <3 <3 <3

What was your favourite of the ESC 2013? Did you watch it or are you against this show? ;)

Have a nice day



  1. Replies
    1. Die war sehr gut :3 Aber meine Helden sind Eythor Ingi und der süße Flötenspieler xD

    2. Der Elfenwikiniger <3 ich mag ja auch noch das putzige Lied von Ungarn ^^ Kedvesem heißt Liebling, aber mehr weiß ich au net XD

    3. Der Elfenwikinger war cool :3 Der Name geht so runter wie Wasser *hach* Eythor Ingi *seufz*

  2. I also watched it with some friends, because it was the birthday of my best friend and we all spend it together. I really loved Romania... but it seems I'm alone with this. XD'''

    1. Well, Romania was really creepy imo xD Was too much for my soul *hahaha*