May 10, 2013

Sometimes I can be casual...

Hello my sweeties <3

So that you don't forget me over the weekend I want to show you some recent casual outfits that I really liked. What do you think? Do you want to see more OOTD posts or do they bore you?

Outfit I wore two weeks ago to meet Cassiyas little baby boy <3
Dress: Orsay - Turtleneck: Pimkie - Cardigan/Socks: H&M - Roses: Claire's - Shoes: Secret Shop - Headband: ebay - Necklace: Cumacrafts

I was trying to do something different with my normal blegh hair and it kinda worked but I noticed that I really need a curling iron to get decent curls...can you recommend a good one to me?

Outfit for travelling to cute Vanilla <3
Dress/Cardigan: H&M - Tighst: New Yorker - Turtleneck: Pimkie - Shoes: Bodyline - Beret: Meta - Bow: Bijou Brigitte - Wig: Lockshop - Earrings: SIX - Necklace: Cumacrafts

Today I am off to our monthly meet-up :3 I am so excited as I missed last months meet-up because of my trip to Japan. This month we will go to a park called "Märchenwald"...I already have my outfit planned *hehe* I will turn into Sleeping Beauty ;)

I wish you all a very pleasent weekend <3



  1. Wo findest du nur immer dieses pink XD ich seh das an niemand anderem als an dir und ich mag es so gerne ^^ Du kombinierst das immer so toll *Flausch*
    Viel spaß im Märchenwald <3

    1. Diesmal hab ich es bei Orsay gefunden xD Ich mag diese poppigen Farben halt einfach...bin eben doch eine Farbexplosion...da fühl ich mich am Wohlsten :3

      Danke ^///^ Ich lauf ja richtig rot an *ehehehe* *re flausch*

  2. Love Your blog, I am Your new follower. So girlish and like from story!!! I love fairy clothes too, maybe You wanna see my last huge job Ive done with colorful spring utfit. Hope You'll get a chance to see my blog too. Have a lovely day

    1. Aww thank you :) You have a really nice blog as well~