May 16, 2013

Sugar Pansy / Jewel Tree Bouquet

Hello sweeties <3

Last weekend I went to Nuremberg again to meet up with my girls. As we had a holiday on Thursday (May 9th) I took Friday of from work so I could stay longer ^^v In the end we didn't do anything to extraordinary. We just talked a lot and did some shopping. And of course we had our monthly meet-up were we went to the Trempelmarkt in Nuremberg. As always I bought lots of makeup *haha* I hopefully get the time to post about that later *haha* For now I just wanted to show you two outfits I wore during my long weekend. I finally got the chance to wear the dresses I bought at Closet Child in Japan *yay*

OOTD shopping Friday ;)
Thanks to koo-chan for lending me the blouse and cardigan :3 I already bought the blouse myself as it is soooo can get it here ^^ I really love the Sugar Pansy Print by AP...I was contemplating for a long time if I should get it or not but after seeing it in Japan for only 10800 Yen I had to get it asap xD It is a really great dress for spring and summer in my opinion...what do you think?

OOTD Meet-Up Saturday
I wanted this dress for a pretty long time now and thought that when I find it I would have to pay loads of money for it but in the end I found it for only 10800 Yen at Closet Child in Harajuku *yay* The print (that you can't see to much off *haha*) is so gorgeous *O* And the fabric is just awesome...perfect for a princessy co-ord, what do you think? And it took me like forever to get my hair ready X.x

The perfect prince <3

Well, this post was kind of random...please excuse that xD I am really busy at the moment, as usual in May because there are too many holidays, too many things I want to do and not enough time for everything *ahahaha*

Have a nice day everyone~



  1. Sam wird dich hassen :D Sie sucht sugar Pansy in mint schon ewig.

    1. Naja, vielleicht werd ich es ja irgendwann net mehr sehen xD"

    2. Und sie kann es sich ja immer ausleihen, ist ja net so ;)

    3. Wenn du es loswerden willst, denkst an Sam ;)

    4. Naja, so schnell wird das zwar net gehen aber wenn dan ja xD

  2. Jap, das Kleid von Baby ist wirklich sehr prinzessinenlike :P Und Sugar Pansy passt sowieso zu dir ^^ Sehr hübsch, Liebes <3 Freu mich schon auf Morgen *Flausch*