Sep 12, 2012

Living in a sunny dream~

Hello again my sweeties <3

Here comes part two of my trip to Tegernsee :3 I won't use many introductory words again today and just start posting pictures...again ;)

Boats at the yacht club in Tegernsee <3 I really felt like falling into some world made of postcards only xD

Never received so many compliments for my outfits like in those two days...some people stared at me weird but most of the reactions were positive <3

Gotta eat something genuinely Bavarian at "Braustüberl" if you visit Tegernsee...I am getting hungry again already xDD
The scenery is so just gonna have to take a million pictures xD

I am so in love <3 <3 <3

Felt so good to cool down <3

I need one of those benches at home *hahaha* So comfy <3 (Oh and btw, in the first pics I am still wearing light pink the last ones I am not...but there really is no difference yDDD)

So~ what did you do for holidays? How was your weekend? Hope it was awesome as well <3
Have a nice day~


  1. Sehr schöne Bilder, ehrlich! Freut mich, dass du eine schöne Zeit hattest

    1. Danke ^^
      Es war auch unglaublich toll dort *O* Wollte gar net mehr weg xD