Sep 3, 2012

Dancing through Sunday ;)

Hello my sweeties <3

How was your weekend? Did you do some- thing exciting? Well~ I went to Stuttgart on Saturday with Yuzuki to have an awesome girl's night out. First we went to have Sushi at Sushi Circle. Like always it was totally awesome <3 With our stomachs full we went to have cocktails at, you might already know, 5 - and there we travelled the world...we started at America *om nom nom* and than I went to Europe - very delicious - while Yuzuki had a taste of Africa - interesting experience I might say *haha* After chatting about everything and nothing we than decided to move for a bit and visited the club called Village that is on the same street as the 5. At first we were at the R&B floor but after a while decided that House is far better for us. 2 hours later we couldn't move anymore and moved our tired limbs to have something cold to drink before going home by night bus. All in all it was a loooooong but really great evening - that definitely screams "Lets do that again!" - yep~ sometimes I just need to do this really girly and mainstream things as well ;)
It was so delicious <3 They really have interesting first you think "WTH is that ? O.o" but everything is delicious :3
On Sunday we wanted to sleep in but it didn't work that well but as I had planned to meet some collegues at the "Pferdemarkt" - a fair to celebrate horses !? kinda xD - in my town it wasn't all to bad *haha* Well~ after Yuzuki went home I met up with my collegues and we looked around at the fair, had ice cream and I was being silly *points down*
Tree Lover xD
Beautiful Japanese Garden in my town :3
Hope you had a nice weekend and a great start into your week <3

Sleep well sweethearts :)


  1. Replies
    1. It was exhausting but I had so much fun :)

  2. Hast Du Dir die Haare doch wieder gefärbt. ^^

    1. Ne, gar net...der Ansatz ist eigentlich auch schon wieder ziemlich weit rausgewachsen xD

  3. sind das die nachwirkungen des alkohols? xD
    natürlich machen wir das mal wieder ~.^ wenns wieder wärmer wird. zuerst steht ja der besuch bei mir (wo auch immer dann xD) an ^__^

    1. Nope...bin immer so drauf xD

      Juppjupp..wo auch immer das sein wird :3