Jul 12, 2013

Alice and the Pirates - Merry Making in the Ghost Town

Hello sweeties <3

There are news from AatP - a new really awesome Halloween inspired print will be put onto the market really soon. And although I know that this kind of dress won't really suit my style as it is way to dark I will put it on my wishlist as it is just to damn gorgeous. 

 There are two versions of the JSK - I have to say I like the2nd version better because of the ribbons...obviousely BUT I think the cut-out in the 1st version is really cute as well :3

 The print comes in 4 colorways...I really like all versions but I think the blue/lilac one is my favourite <3

 The hat *O* So awesome~ The socks are kinda boring though >>"

Well, as I said, I really like that print and I also have a perfect Co-Ord in my head...BUT I am not really sure if I can pull it off *haha* Sometimes I wish that I could be able to put together a "broken/creepx doll"-Look and not look all to ridiculous xD"

What do you think about that print?

Have a nice afternoon~



  1. amazing print. i like the first design most and the purple print looks really amazing

    1. I love that print so much but unfortunately I am not dark enough for it XD

  2. Nicht schon wieder ein wunderhübsches AatP Kleid, die machen mich nochmal arm. x'D
    Ich find's wirklich hübsch, aber ich denke, ich werde mich dieses Mal zurückhalten. >_<

    1. Haha, das denke ich mir auch immer wieder ^^" Man bräuchte nen Scheich, der einem alles kauft was man will *hihi*