Jul 23, 2013

Saturday haul~

Hello sweeties <3

After some time I finally have a haul again *yay* On Saturday I went shopping again with Koo-chan in what felt like an eternity. In the past sweeks most of the time I only bought stuff online so it was nice to walk into "real" stores for a change *haha*

First we went to Müller:
Facemask with teatree oil...I don't know which of the words is the brand but Koo-chan told me these masks are reall great. Have not yet tried it out though.
Misslyn Sandstyle Nailpolishes in colors 56 (orange-pink) and 27 (lavender) - I have the #56 on my nails at the moment and so far I really love tipwear etc. yet ^^
Essence Nailpolish in This is what I mint - wanted this for an eternity and finally found it *yay*
Essence pureskin nose strips - help cleanse your nose. There are only 3 strips in the pack unfortunately but the price is around 1,50 EUR so it is not too bad. Also they really worl miracles on my nose *haha*

We also wemt to dm later...
Balea Buttermilk & Lemon Bodyscrub - I so needed a backup of it is Limited Edition I had to buy one more xD
Essence Stay with me longlasting Lipgloss in My favourite milkshake - another recommendation from Koo-chan that I can't wait to try out :3
Alverde Cremehighlighter - also recommended to me ;) I think it is from a limited edition and as it only was 1.75 EUR I took two pieces~
Essence Me and my Icecream Nailpolish in Ben & Cherries - now I got them all *muahahahaha*

...after that we couldn't walk by Lush. And there we got a demonstration of two products which I than HAD to buy x"D
Suger Scrub Cone - It smells so awesome and makes your skin really really soft *_*
Lush Each Peach Bodybutter - After applying the scrub your skin might feel strained so this bodybutter is the perfect help...and smells so delicious <3

We also visited Rossmann and Woolworth...that should have been all drugstores now *thinks*
Yellow cut socks by Calzedonia because they are just too cute :3
Lavender Necklace for only 1 EUR *yay*
Rival de Loop Baked Highlighter of awesomeness~

 ~Rival de Loop Baked Highlighter - this is a swatch with only one swap *O*~
~Essence Stay with me longlasting Lipgloss in My favourite milkshake~

AAAAAAND last but not least the highlight of the day - our visit to the Kiko Store :3
 Color Explosion Multicolored Blush in Quirky Pink
Eyeshadow in Cerulean
...what should I say: I am just in love <3

~The colors of the blush mixed together~
~Individual blush-swatches~

I really really love all the things I got. What do you think? Did you buy anything make-up-related in the last weeks that you want to recommend to me?

Have a nice afternoon <3



  1. Hm, wenn ich gewusst hätte dass ihr zum KIKO Store geht, hättet ihr mir nen Pinselreiniger mitbringen können...

    Wolltest Du das WE net eigentlich in Stuttgart verbringen?

    1. War eher ne spontane Entscheidung mit dem Kiko Store und meinem Ausflug naxch Nbg...deswegen hab ich ja gefragt wer alles auf die 90er Party geht. Wollte Ophi weng aufmuntern weil ihr Swappartner ein A*** war >.<