Mar 1, 2013

Cotton Candy at Eiffel Tower

Hello sweeties <3

It is time for another haul. I didn't do one for a pretty long least I get the feeling that I have to catch up on my latest buys *haha* This time I made a trip to my nearest drugstore to get some stuff. Actually I was only planning to look at the new Essence Oz-LE but than I bought two eyeshadows and on top of that I indulged in nail products xDDD

Two eyeshadows from the Oz-The great and powerful LE by Essence in 03 Generosity and 02 Kindness. The texture is really smooth and it feels great on the skin. The opacity isn't that great would need some layers to get popping colors. Also bought the beyond beauty eyprimer from P2 the I feel pretty-LE as it was reduced to only 1 EUR :)

...this is the reason I bought them anyways. The balloon looks sooo cute :3 I am a sucker for cute packaging and things like that, I admit xD

You see the opacity isn't the the colors nonetheless. On the far right is the Primer...compared to the Essence-one it is rether light. I think i will use it for more summery looks.

Color Tattoo On an On Bronze from Maybelline. This I actually received from koo-chan as I couldn't find it in my drugstore anymore so she got it for me :) Love the texture and the color...great as eyeshadow base for nude looks ^^b

Three nail polishes from Catrice that are ending now. 420 Dirty Berry, 850 Aretha's R-E-S-P-I-N-K and 020 Cotton Candy at Eiffel Tower. I really needed a hot pink and off-white nail polish and I never tried Catrice polishes before so I decided to combine both points :D

As my nails are really soft and break easily I bought two products for that from the P2 range. The Calcium Gel to regenerate my nails and the Nail Food Papaya to make my nails more resistant. Can't say much about those products yet as I just bought them but the nail food smells amazing *O*

Two nail polishes by Essence. 148 hello marshmallow! and 110 modern romance - At the moment I am totally in love with all colors lilac and coral/peacj so I just had to get those two babys :) I also love the quality of essence nail polishes so for 1,55 EUR each it is a really great deal ^^

So, what are your spring-trends in make-up at the moment? Which colors do you especially like?

Have a nice day~



  1. den peachigen leidschatten aus der oz le hab ich auch =)
    das papaya nailfood teste ich jetzt schon seit längerer zeit ~ aber ich bin mir noch nicht sicher ob es was meinen nägeln bringt außer ein bisschen feuchtigkeit oO

    1. Bei den Lidschatten musste ich einfach zuschlagen allein schon wegen dem Logo da drauf XD

      Ich bin gespannt was das Nailfood mit meinen Nägeln tut...we will wait and see XD

  2. Tolle Sachen :)
    Den Maybellin Lidschatten habe ich auch und er ist toll <3 Liebe ihn!
    Leider gibt in London keine Sachen von Essence oder P2.. Ich mochte die Sachen immer gerne. Hatte auch mal einen super genialen Blush von Catrice. Gibt es hier aber auch nicht...>.<

    Dein Nagellack sieht fuer mich echt interessant aus.. Tolle Farben!!!

    Liebe Gruesse,

    1. Ja, die Color Tattoos sind genial *_*

      Schade, dass es Essence in London nicht gibt...die sind echt super und preisgünstig noch dazu xD

      aber Essence gibts jetzt schon in den USA da gibts das sicher auch bald im UK :3