Feb 28, 2013

Don't be afraid

"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult."
- Seneca

I think many of you heard this quote before and you might ask "Why on earth is she posting it here?"...Well~ for me this quote is really special and I try to live my life with this quote in mind every second BUT it is not that easy to live like that. Because of this tiny and rather annoying voice in your head called "reason" or "common sense" we often give up on things without even trying just because society is teaching us that it is impossible anyways. Therefore growing older and turning into an adult we often throw away dreams or fantasies that are very dear to us only because society tells us that it has no use anyways. But I am asking: Isn't it just the fear that we might fail that lets us throw away precious dreams so easily? Sure, with time we often fail, we might be on the verge of giving up BUT who tells us that these failed attempts are in vain? I decided that even if I fail over and over again I will not give up on my dreams...because as Seneca says things will be out of reach forever if we are not trying to grab them. My advise for you -and probably mostly for myself- don't give up on things just because people say you can't do it...the only one who can stop you is yourself. So, as long as you believe in your dreams: GO FOR IT!


  1. "Isn't it just the fear that we might fail that lets us throw away precious dreams so easily?"

    You are so right. I've lived in fear for so long. I've always been afraid of failure, so I've rarely stepped out of my comfort zone and because of that, my life isn't all that I want it to be.

    Your post is very inspirational. Even if I fail at something, I too, will keep trying.

    1. Well, this topic was sitting in my chest for a pretty long time now and I myself are much to afraid to leap forward...fear of the unknown lets me stay put and I want to change that because I CANNOT give up on my dreams and I know that something great is waiting out there for everyone who is brave enough :)

      I am glad my post inspres people :)