Feb 12, 2013

Working Me

Hello sweeties <3

The last to days I felt really good in the mornings, not the usual "meh, I don't want to get out of bed!" and so I decided I'd dress a little more "fancy" for work xD And as it goes, I want to show you those outfits *haha* But excuse the horrible quality...I still don't have a better camera yet and when I start to work it is half-dark outside xD"

Dress: H&M - Boots: Deichmann - Tights/Turtleneck: H&M - Scarfthingy: present - Headbow F+F - Necklace/Earrings: Bijou Brigitte
After work I went shopping with a friend and I decided I wanted to wear a dress for that occassion...but it also had to be appropriate for work. So this is the outfit I came up with *hehe*

Monday Outfit
Pullover/Skirt: J.Honeys - Turtleneck/Tights: H&M - Boots: Deichmann - Earrings: SIX
It kinda looks schoolgirl-inspired and kinda not xD I loved that style while I was in Japan and still wear it from time to time :) And I love those warm and comfy, it was love at first sight *hahaha*

I wish you all a very nice Tuesday~



  1. Replies
    1. Danke ^^ Hin und wieder muss es auf Arbeit auch mal bissl schicker sein XD

  2. Das ist so lustig... Seit Lolita find ich Röcke auf der Hüfte sehen irgendwie... falsch aus... xD

    1. Der Rock sitzt ja auch auf Taille und net auf Hüfte ;) Das Oberteil is nur so lang XD