Feb 16, 2013


Hello sweeties <3

Sorry for my absence over the last few days but work was busy and yesterday I attended a farewell-party with my company. Sadly one of our most able engineers is leaving for Japan after 10 years, so we all went to Stuttgart and had a great meal together...aaaand I also could polish my Japanese skills as we talked in Japanese the whole evening *yay*

But actually I don't want to talk about my you might guess I did some shopping again and one of the items on my wishlist found its way to my doorstep ;)

*tadaaaaaa* Meet the awesome Naked Palette by Urban Decay <3
The case is made of some velvet-like lovely <3 And with every Naked 1 Palette comes the famous Primer Potion :3
The colors are really awesome <3 ANM
If you are interested in a review about that palette [and other beauty products] you can visit Beauty Talk, a blog I set up with some dear friends just to talk about beauty, do reviews and beauty tutorials. We would be really happy if you would like to follow us there m(_._)m

And as you know me by now, I didn't only buy JUST one thing although this one was a little bit on the pricey side xD On Thursday I went to a mall called Breuningerland near Ludwigsburg with Thilialin and we went to Douglas and the new KIKO store.
There is a special campaign at Douglas at the moment where you can get those two palettes by Technic Electric for 4,95EUR each and I highly recommend them as the colors in there are really amazing. I can't say how long they hold on your eyelid as I just bought them but as far as the swatches go I am really impressed :)
Metallix Palette <3
Electric Eye Palette <3

The KIKO Store was a first for me. I never owned KIKO stuff before and so I was really excited about trying out their things :)
Color Seduction Eyeshadow Quad in 03 unusual lavender
This quad was reduced to 5EUR only so I had to take it. I did not swatch it yet or even used it. But when I tried it in the store the shadows were really soft and the pigmentation seemed great as well. If I tested it properly I will make a review for sure ;)

I also bought a crackiling nail polish in yellow for 1,50EUR at the KIKO store and found those adorable earrings at H&M :) I will use the crackling nail polish for tomorrows outfit with a pink basecoat :3 I hope that will look somewhat okay ^-^"

Have a nice evening~



  1. die Ohrringe sind ja voll süss gar nicht mit bekommen wie du die "eingesackt" hast.

    1. Die hab ich auch gestern schnell in Stuttgart beim H&M eingesackt xD Da kommt auch noch ein ausführlicher Haul drüber *hihi*

  2. Replies
    1. The Naked palette is just awesome <3
      I am so glad I got it *_*

  3. Die Paletten sind ja toll *.* <3 Vielen lieben Dank für's swatchen ^^
    Wenn ich dich im März besuche, fühl ich mich bestimmt wie in Make-Up-topia xD

    1. Ich liebe meine Naked Palette <3 Die Pigmentierung ist echt der Hammer *O*

      Es wird immer mehr Make-Up...ich nehm mir immer vor keine Lidschatten mehr zu kaufen und plötzlich hab ich doch was im Einkaufskorb xDDD

    2. Ja, leider gibt es nur eine endliche Menge Gesicht für eine unendliche Menge Make-Up x'D

    3. Das ist wahr ^^" Aber wir leben ja ewig da können wir das ganze schöne MU aufbrauchen xDDD

  4. Tolle Sachen die du da ershoppt hast. *__*
    Ich will auch mal wieder bei KIKO shoppen... aber irgendwie komme ich nie dazu mal nach Ludwigshafen zu fahren, dabei braucht man nciht lange von hier. XD

    1. Danke <3

      Der KIKO bei uns hat scheinbar erst vor ein paar Wochen aufgemacht...und da mussten wir direkt reinstürmen xD