Feb 22, 2013

Best Blog Award

Hello again sweeties <3

I was nominated again for a Blog Award *yay* This time I received the Best Blog Award from Milky Rose <3 Thank you so much sweetie~

This is an award given out to bloggers with less than 200 Followers. The person receiving this award has to answer the 11 questions of the Award and nominate 20 other bloggers. As far as the nominations go I won't  nominate 20 blogs as I think there are so many great blogs out there who deserve this what I am doing is that I am going to nominate all my followers, who want to answer these questions, because their blogs definitely deserve this award :)

But now on to the 11 questions [I translated them, so I am sorry if the English is a bit weird xD]~

1. What do you like to cook more: dessert or "main meals"?
I suck at what I like most is eating the delicious stuff someone is making for me ;)

2. What is more important in a person: appereance or character?
If I meet a person for the first time I would probably go for the looks but in the end the most important thing is the character.

3. When did you set up your blog?
I think it was mid-2011 ^^"

4. Who inspires you to start something new? is not only one can be many different things inspiring me to start something new.

5. Do you follow many blogs?
Yup~ because I love to read from different people all over the world :)

6. Do you rather cook for yourself or let someone else cook for you?
I love to be spoiled...but sometimes I love to cook/bake for people I love :)

7. What are you reading at the moment?
Lord of Thieves by Cornelia Funke

8. What piece of clothing did survive in your closet the longest?
The dress I wore for my Prom...I have it for over 10 years now and I still love it.

9. What is your favourite recipe?
Selfmade noodle salad...pretty easy to make and brings back memories *hihi*

10. Which characteristics are important in a friend?
Honesty and the ability to forgive.

11. What is your favourite movie?
Interview with the Vampire


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