Feb 5, 2013

Awesome swap with the UK

Hello sweeties <3

Saturday was really a great day, not only did we get the chance to speak at the Shinnenkai in Stuttgart, I also received my swap package from the UK. As you might remember I also send a package to the UK last week and as luck wanted it she received her parcel the same day I received mine :) Here is what I got:

Sooooo awesome!!!
I am so stoked about everything <3

Soap and Glory <3 Love at first Blush, heel Genius and Kick Ass Concealer...the blush and concealer were on my wishlist for soooo long <3

 The concealer kicks ass ;) Saw it in so many videos on youtube and it really is awesome ^^

The colors of the blush are so great...not to dark but with a little shimmer to make you look fresh and cute :)

Illamasque goodness <3 Liquid Metall Palette and single eyeshadow that looks just black but is pure awesomeness because of the name...perfect for me as it is called "Lestat" *fangirl giggle* I really love both eyeshadows, the pigmentation is so great, only downside is that the liquid metall-palette shadows easily crease because of the softness of the shadows T^T hope after time it will get better *fingers crossed*

Lestat, Stoic, Solstice, Resolute, Superior <3 Soooo pigmented~

Many, many samples~ Can't wait to try the ESPA detoxifying salt scrub ^^

Chupa Chups Lipgloss Vanilla is pure love <3 Makes your lips so soft and really shiny~ The duck also has a lipgloss inside~

Cutie Pie Lipgloss and Barry M Lipstick in Hot pink (#62) <3

Cutie Pie and Barry M...the cutie pie-one is just a sheer lipgloss and the Barry M is really great for summer in my opinion...the color really pops :)

Nail Polish Remover Pads that smell like vanilla - can't wait to try them out :3
Lush Bath Bomb - now I need to visit my parents place so I can take a soothing bath *haha*
facefront eyeshadow pigments in Lotsa Lettuce
Lush handmade color in a lovely blue <3
Hand & Face Wipes that smell like icecream *_*

Two chocolate bars from Cadburry's-one was already in my belly at the time I was taking that pic xD
Cute sunglasses from Primark <3
Tights from H&M
Cute bow with skulls and stars *hehe*
Some more sweets and three nail files from Primark

This was my first swap and it was so awesome. Can't wait for March and my swap with Canada :3 

Hope you have a nice day~


  1. Wow, that's really great! Hope to see some reviews soon ^_~

    1. It is indeed <3 Love everything :3

      Already tried out the detoxifying salt scrub and want moar *O* It is so awesome~

  2. Hey.

    You have a really cute blog <3

    Nice items. I know some of them due to I live in London.
    Soap & Glory is quite famous^^

    Wuensche dir noch nen schoenen Tag lol


    1. Thx :)

      Soap and Glory ist einfach nur genial *_* Will mehr davon *haha*

  3. The make-up colors are so beautiful!!!! Great swap :D

  4. Wirklich toll ^^ Ich swappe auch hin und wieder mit ein paar Freunden aus dem Ausland, aber auch aus Deutschland. ^^
    Swapst du über eine Internetseite?

    1. Danke ^^ War mein erster Swap bis jetzt~
      Hab ich über eine fb-Seite gemacht, die sich Be a beauty correspondet nennt :) Da muss man sich allerdings anmelden....aber dann kann man mit verschiedenen Leuten aus aller Welt swappen~

    2. Klingt sehr interessant. Ich hab bisher nur mit Brieffreunden/Mailfreuden geswappt, aber es ist immer ein riesen Spaß. <33