Feb 7, 2013

Douglas and dm again~

Hello sweeties <3

Yes, I am addicted...everytime I set foot into a drugstore I HAVE to get is really ridicoulous but what can I do, I love makeup and beauty stuff just too much. Well, one year ago I would never have thought that I would buy so much make-up...I would have laughed about the mere thought of it but look at me now *hahaha*

So, last week I went to dm again and well, you know what happened, I couldn't leave without some small things ^^"

Blurry picture is blurry...I need to get a new camera so badly X.x

Two perfumes from Essence...I already have "Like a first day in spring" and since I loved it so much I also got "Like a day in a Candy Shop" and "Like a new love". As of now the CAndy Shop-Scent is my favourite because I love those sweet and foody scents <3 I would definitely recommend that one. The New Love I bought because it was half off and the scent is nice as well although I wouldn't have paid full price for that ^^"

Essence Love and Kisses LE Quad 01 Love at first sight...the colors are just perfect for spring. The pigmentation is okay but you should definitely wear a primer underneath it.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in 65 Pink Gold...what can I say about that? It is just can wear it for itself as an eyeshadow or use it as a base for other eyeshadows like that baby...
ArtDeco Golden Vintage Eyelights from the Dita von Teese LE...didn't buy that at dm but received it on the same day as the above haul ;) It is just perfect...the pigmentation is awesome and you only need a tiny bit on your brush to get an awesome result <3 And if you use it over the color tattoo the effect is even more gorgeous...even though it was nearly 25 EUR it is worth every cent ^^b

L'Oreal Perfect Match Powder in K5 Rose Sand. I already have the perfect match foundation in Golden Beige and to counteract the slightly yellow tone of the foundation I got this powder...the texture is perfect and it gives your foundation a really great finish. I am a big fan of the perfect match-series!

Last but not least: Brushes by essence...only heard good things about the brushes from Essence and wanted to try them and I have to say that for the price these are some pretty great brushes ^^ I especially would recommend the blush brush. It is soooooo soft and lets you apply blush so easily ^^b

Have a nice evening~


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    1. Thank you :)
      I also totally love new makeup...can't have enough xD

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    1. Und fast alles zu wirklich günstigen Preisen...die Eyeshadows von ArtDeco sind ja ne Ausnahme xD

  3. I nominated you for a blog award. Details are on my blog.

    I want those brushes... they look so soft and nice <3

    1. Awwww~ Thank you :)
      Will have a look asap <3

      The brushes are really soft indeed :)

  4. I love essences' brushes so so much! They are awesome at a very reasonable price <3

    1. They are so so so soft *_* Especially the blushbrush <3

  5. Den Blushbrush habe ich auch =) ~
    Ich hab das selbe problem xD man geht für was bestimmtes rein und kommt mit mehr wieder raus als man eigendlich wollte GNAH

    1. Ja, so gehts mir auch - ganz furchtbar! dm ist böse XD Und in den Douglas geh ich schon gar nicht, da würde es mir nicht besser ergehen und da sind die Sachen auch noch teurer >.<

    2. Uh, hübsche Sachen hast du da <3 Ich liebäugel auch mit den Brushes, aber irgendwie sind mir Finger und Quasten lieber ^^''

    3. Danke <3 Die Brushes sind wirklich echt super...aber an Fingerpräzision kommen sie natürlich net ran ;)

      Und ja, dm ist böse >.< Musste in drei verschiedene dm gehen um was von der neuen P2 LE abzustauben xD Und Douglas war heute auch wieder mein Tod...aber zumindest hab ich nun alles für meinen zweiten Swap ^^v