Mar 29, 2013

You make me HAUL again ;)

Hello sweeties <3

How are you? Don't mind the lame pun but I had to do that at least once on this blog *haha* Yep~ you are reading is another haul. As I was really sad on Tuesday because my plans for the weekend drastically changed because of a mean cold I had to buy feel less sad...well, in the end it didn't really help that much but I got myself some pretty new things nonetheless :3 Here we go~

dm it was again...and as I am trying to not buy any eyeshadows at the moment (I have waaaaaay to many and I promised Pea I wouldn't buy new stuff] I indulged in lip products, a new mascara and yet another new foundation xD

Beside the two Catrice liptints in 010 Red my Lips and 030 Are you Red-y? I also bought the Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Shocking Coral. For the liptints I was nearly "threatened" by Milky Rose to buy them as she was already totally in love with them - I had no other choice but to get them ;) The lipstick just popped into my eyes because of the awesomeness of the color *O* Couldn't resist getting that *haha* A perfect color for spring and summer~

010 Red my Lips - 030 Are you Red-y? - 910 Shocking Coral 
The liptints can also be used as blushes...they are like the benetint from Benefit only way cheaper ;)
And OMG~ Shocking Coral is sooooooo amazing....and the texture is so soft <3 <3 <3

I <3 Extreme Mascara by probably all know about that one already xD It doesn't clump and makes nice long lashes for under 3 complaints here. And you can never ever have too many mascaras *hahahaha*

I am still on the lookout for the perfect foundation...the L'Oreal Perfect Match is close but still not THE ONE. This time I thought I could give the Soft Resistant Make-Up by Maxfactor a chance and so far it is pretty good and also light enough for my skin ^^b 

And Last but not least *tadaaaaa* nailpolishes xD
Essence nudeGlam
03 Cotton Candy - 04 iced latte - 02 iced strawberry cream
They are just perfect for everyday wear :)

Have a nice day~



  1. Because I am e-vil (☆^O^☆) As if somebody had to threaten you to buy make-up O(≧▽≦)O
    I feel so sorry for you! Hopefully you'll recover quickly from your cold so you'll be in good condition when you go to Japan! ♡

    1. Sure you are :P The most evel being evar...NOT xD
      And true, I think someone has to threaten me to NOT buy makeup *hahaha*

      Nah~ don't be...I will go to Tegernsee soon enough and I also will see cute Vanilla beginning of May when we help her at Hanami :)

      Anyways, I am drinking lots of water and tea and will be fit for Japan *muahahaha* Only one week *dances happily*