Mar 2, 2013

Sun, is that you? O.O

Hello sweeties <3

How was your day? My day was really great although I didn't do that much but after 3 months without seeing the sun today was finally a really sunny day and I used that to go out and just enjoy the day :) The sun also made me feel like doing some spring-cleaning and thus I started re-arranging my vanity that I bought 2 weeks ago :3 So, although my day seems rather boring it was a really productive one in my opinion *hehehe*
I love my vanity so much *O* I actually wanted to get another one that looks way fancier but after days and days of contemplating I decided to get this one because the drawer is way bigger and I can put so much stuff in there *points down*

...I can't believe that I just started collecting makeup around 5 months ago...already got myself so many things *haha*

Also got two clear boxes for storing body lotions and random trinkets that I don't use that often. My lip products I store in this little tin pot that I received from Yves Rocher as a gift. And the makeup I am using all the time is stored in this cute rosebox from ikea <3

>>" I seriousely need to clean that mirror xD My powders and Foundation, some brushes behind the mirror and hair spray that I use to fix my makeup xDD" Also some face creams to keep me fresh *haha* I love my pink mirrors from Ikea...they were only 2,99 EUR each and they are put in place with sticky tape-thingys ^^"

And here is what I wore for the first sunny day of 2013 :)
Headband: Claire's - Cardigan: J.Honeys (I think ^^") - Shirt/Jeggings: H&M - Boots: Deichmann (bought them around 5 years ago and still love them *_*) - Scarf: NanuNana

 Le boots <3 Normally I don't wear this kind of pointed shoes but in this case I think they are totally awesome :3 Also the Jeggings are so perfect for those weird crinkles here <3
Serum Vegetal Day Creme "Oligosides de Pomme" by Yves Rocher
Incredible Waterproof Concealer by NYX
Perfectly happy correcting powder by P2 (I feel pretty LE)
L'Oreal Perfect Match foundation in Golden Beige
L'Oreal Perfect Match Powder in Rose Sand and Golden Beige
It's Popul-Art Blush from the Essence LE Vintage District
Metalix Eyeshadow Compact Palette by technic
Electry Eyes Palette by technic
Beyond beauty eye primer pencil in flawless from the P2 LE I feel pretty
Day & Night Artist Lash Mascara from P2
Ultimate Color Lipstick in Frozen Rose by Catrice
Dreamy 2 in 1 lipgloss & balm in rose madder from the P2 LE I feel pretty

As the sun was shining I did a rather bright and popping makeup...although you can't really see it on the picture I used 4 different colors from my Metallix Eyeshadow and Electrc Eyes Palette by technic [in the future I definitely need a way better camera than the one I have now...the makeup looks far better in real life xDDD] I also tried the beyond beauty eye primer pencil from P2 and have to say that I really like it ^^ The eyeshadow stayed all day *thumbs up* For Mascara I used P2s Day & Night Artist is not superbad but I have used better ones in the past.

Bonus ;)
I also cleaned out my closed and found this baby <3 It is the dress I wore nearly 12 years ago for my prom and -oh, wonder- it still fits...although I don't like how it sits around my hips...but talking about my hips, I actually totally hate that part of my body xD

Speaking of feeling old, while cleaning my place I found some old pictures of me that I nearly had forgotten about xD
There was a time when even I had long and full hair xD Hopefully this time will come back *haha* The picture was taken one day after my prom *sighs*

2003 in was a really great time :)

Also taken in 2003 in Ireland...I was still loving my red hair :3

Hope your day was as productive as mine <3

Have a nice evening~



  1. Oooh, wir haben den selben Tisch im Nähzimmer stehen :D Eigentlich steht da meine Nähmaschine drauf, aber im Moment ist eher mein Laptop da anzutreffen, weil in meinem Zimmer das W-lan so bescheiden ist xD

    1. Der Tisch ist toll *_* Ich liebe ihn abgöttisch...weil er hat soooo viel Platz xD Meine NäMa steht momentan ungenutzt in der Ecke <<" Ich sollte mal wieder was damit machen *drops*

  2. Wenn ich dir nicht glauben würde, dass du das bist... Ich hätte dich nicht erkannt o.O

    1. xDDD Tja~ so seh ich mich jeden Tag auf Arbeit...aber kennst mich halt nur ganz aufgerüscht *hihi*

  3. Mir gefaellt dein Tisch. Das ist so huebsch :)
    Du magst deine Hueften nicht? Naja, ic habe so einiges dass ich an mir nicht so gerne mag.
    Anyway, ich finde du bist huebsch und suess^^

    Liebe Gruesse,

    1. Danke <3 Ich hab versucht das Beste aus dem einfachen Ding zu machen ^^

      Naja, meine Hüften mag ich am aller wenigsten xD Es gibt auach andere Eckchen, die mir missfallen aber dam Hüften am meisten xD

      Und Danke ^///^ Da lauf ich ja richtig rot an hier~

  4. Ich sag's ja: Make-Up-wanaaaaa <3 xDDD

    1. Aaaach~ so viel ist des doch gar net ^^" Im Vergleich zu den Leuten auf Youtube hab ich gar nix xD