Mar 30, 2013

Dorothy Doll

Hello sweeties <3

I hope you are enjoying the long weekend :) With so much free time on my hands I was browsing all the Lolita-Brand homepages and as it always is I found some adorable dresses that I hope to possess in the future :3 This time the dresses are from Victorian Maiden and they are just too adorable~ And looking at the measurements they would fit me *muahahahaha*

 Isn't it just plain gorgeous? I love the collar and the little winglike princessy *_* A perfect dress to have a nice picnic :3 The strawhat matches so well~ And I like that you can wear it with or without the ribbon around the neck ^^b You can reserve it now on the homepage and it will be in stores in May.

 This dress is from the same series but in my opinion gives a totally different the name says it has an air of a seaside stroll with a detour to a nice cafe at the beach. As the Dorothy Doll Dress you can wear it with and without ribbon and it is also available for reserve :)

What do you think about these dresses? Yay or nay? Would you wear them?

Have a nice day~



  1. Aww ^_^ both are awesome..but I like more the mint one, it's very cute~

    1. I am also tending to the mint one more as I love everything mint and pastel XD

  2. Ich denke, mint passt besser zu dir ^^ Irgendwie bist du eben so ne Pastellfee, da muss das ja fast schon sein *gg*
    Hoffe, dir geht es mittlerweile schon besser?


    1. Wenn ichs kaufe dann eh in mint xD Schwarz kommt nur ganz selten in meinen Schrank...oder so ^^"

      Joa, geht schon wieder besser...lag wohl teilweise auch an meinem Zahn ^^" Aber wird schon bis Samstag ^^b