Mar 5, 2013

Oz - The great and powerful

Hello sweeties <3

Finally this day is over X.x Today was really stressful at work but at the end of the day something great was waiting for me :3 Last week I ordered at and only 5 days later my order arrived <3 I got myself something from my favourite brand Urban Decay *O* Meet the "Oz - The great and powerful"-Urban Decay Limited Edition Palette Glinda :)

I also got three samples. I can't wait to try out the BB Cream from Dior...secretely I hope it is not so great so I don't have to buy it xD

I felt like Christmas opening the box *_*

Inside the box there was the palette (of course), a super saturated lip pencil and a card with an instruction on how to do the look of Princess Glinda from the movie.

Get the look ;)

Six (or rather eight) eyeshadows that can be taken out individually and a purple 24/7 glide-on eye pencil. I really like that the colors are interchangeable. You can buy UD eye shadows seperately and just put another color you like into the palette *thumbs up*

The back of the box with all the names written on the back ^^

Top: Aura and Oz
Bottom: Tornado, Illusion, Magic, South
The colors are really soft and buttery. The opacity is really great as well although I have to say that Aura is rather sheer but as I haven't yet tested the colors on my eyes I can't give a final opinion ;) So far I love the colors ^^

Eyeliner and lip pencil. The texture is really smooth on my skin...I have to see how it is on my eyes/lips to give a final opinion :)

So, my first impression of the palette is really great and I can't wait to try it out :) I will definitely do a review if I tested it thoroughly~

Thanks for reading and have a nice evening~



  1. Replies
    1. It is indeed *O* I am so in love with this palette already~

  2. Super make up stuff!
    An den Sachen haette ich auch Interesse :)
    Dann wuensche ich dir mal ganz viel Spass mit den Sachen. Und lass uns wissen wie die BB Cream von Dior ist ;)

    Liebe Gruesse,

    1. Danke ^^ Die Palette ist echt genial...nur mt 43 EUR net ganz günstig XD"

      Werde auch über die BB Cream der Hoffnung, dass ich sie mir am Ende net kaufen MUSS XDDDD

  3. Ich geh nächste Woche in den Film (^o^)~ <3