Mar 31, 2013

6 years ago...

...I was still in Japan and enjoying my life as a exchange student. After these long long 6 years I finally got my degree, am working at a Japanese company and I can finally finally visit my beloved Japan again *O* For this occasion I thought it would be nice to show you how my everyday-style out of Lolita evolved ;) Enjoy <3

My style than:
2007 (Kyoto) - 2007 (Kyoto)
2007 (Nagoya) - 2007 (at home)
Wearing mostly trouser and pretty dark colors...I wanted to wear more bright colors but thought they wouldn't suit me anyways so I kept it dark ...and I did weigh a lot more than I am doing now so I avoided all pastel colors >>"

Some lighter items crawled into my wardrobe but I still bept it rather dark. Found out about the merits of skinny jeans in combination with boots and bought loads of flat caps after realising that I can wear them...for a really long time I though I don't have a hat face ^^"
 2009 - 2010
You can never ever have enough shorts! Is what I told me than (and also noe xD)...started to gain mor confidence in myself [mainly through wearing Lolita] and also started buying clothes that I really wanted to wear without thinking about what people might think ^^ So my collection of shorts started xD And I was brave enough to wear really short dresses *haha*

 2011 - 2011
2012 - 2012
More and more short dresses found their way into my wardrobe in 2011 ^^b
2012 was my year of changes and I started it with a new haircut...from red-brownish and long to really short and black. Although I still like it sometimes I want my long hair back T^T

My style now:
 Skirts, Dresses, Shorts, can find everything in my wardrobe and I think my style is pretty versatile :) It is not always all up to date with the latest trends but I think I somewhat found my style...what do you think?

Happy Easter my dearies~


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