Jul 17, 2014

Top 3 - Anime based on Otome Games

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And another break from my Paris posts xD I promise I will finish the posts about Paris within July ;) But today I want to continue with another Top 3. This time, as I am binge-watching those kind of anime at the moment, I want to show you my Top 3 anime based on otome games. For those of you who don't know what an otome game is, here a short description:

You are playing a girl, that most of the time has perfect characteristic features and is overly nice etc. and you come to a new environment (eg. school, fantasy world) and in this new "world" the inhabitants seem to be only goodlooking guys. And in the beginning of the game you can choose which guy you want to go after. Through decisions within the game you either get your goal or you don't xD And that is roughly what otome games are xD And I love watching anime based on those games :3 You could call that my guilty pleasure *hihi*

1. 遥かなる時の中で (In a distant time)
For the life of me I couldn't find the opening to the anime...only found the commercial for Maihitoyo. Anyways, this anime is set in the Kyoto of the Heian period and Akane is sent back there to gather 8 warriors to safe the country from an evil clan...if I remember correctly, which I actually don't. I just know that I loved watching the anime and I already watched Maihitoyo 5 times *coughs*

2. 神々のあそび (The game of Gods)
This one I watched just recently and I loved it. The female character wasn't too stupid and all the guys are just toooooo cute. This time our female lead is transported to a school where gods from different countries have to learn about the human heart in order to avoid the destruction of, well, everything and heroine Kusanagi Yui has the "honor" to teach the handsome gods.

3. 歌のPrinceさま - まじ1000% LOVE
I can't even explain why I like this one so much...I have no excuse whatsoever xD I just really liked watching it and the music is so damn catchy...I probably only like the anime because of the main song XD The story is as always not to complicated...this time it is set at a music school for highly gifted musicians...and no world saving is needed her xD

Do you watch this kind of anime? What do you think about them?

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