Jul 16, 2014

Kamijo in Paris

Hello sweeties <3

As promised here is part 2 of my Paris report...and part two for this report means it is concert day *yay* This day didn't start as early as the day before. We actually could sleep until around 9am...but as we were woken during the night by some fool who thought sounding the alarm was a fun idea *argh* we still were rather tired. But soon this went away and was exchanged with excitement over the fact that we would be able to see Kamijo live *O*

After a nice breakfast we started to decide our outfits, do our make-up and hair. Nezumi uploaded a video of our preparations. I was so excited that I did not really know how I felt and I think it shows in the video *hahaha*

Around 1pm we were finished with the preparations and took some outfit pictures before we left for the venue to wait around 5 hours and turn into a mess during the concert ;)

You can find my outfit post here~

At the venue we met up with two good friends and the waiting started but as we had many things to talk about and the merchandise booth was opened already before the concert it felt like time flew by rather quickly. Around 1 hour before the Meet & Greet for the VIPs started the rather serene atmosphere that was going on quickly changed and the war for the best places in line started - if you never went to a J-Rock concert this is what it is all about - the best place in line, in front of the stage etc. J-Rock is WAR! So we managed to get a pretty good spot in line and were able to get into the venue rather quick but then the confusion started. 
At first we were lead upstairs to some kind of sitting space and both me and Nezumi were rather confused about that...UNTIL we saw that the Meet & Greet was going to happen NOW! I didn't even notice that someone was sitting there in the first place if it wasn't for the person in front of me x"D Thus I didn't really have time to prepare what I wanted to say and just splurted out what came to my mind...I think I rather confused Kamijo with my Japanese, not because it is bad but because he did not expect it *hahaha* After that we were lead down a dangerous staircase that I didn't even see at was so dark it is a miracle that I didn't fall down ^^" At the stage we were lucky enough to get places in the front row and we had to wait again for another hour x"D

For the concert itself I will not say too much because I am really bad in describing impressions xD What I can say is that it was really great and I am so happy that I was able to see Kamijo live this year BUT compared to Jupiter's live in February and Versailles' live in 2011 it was not as intimate. I would have loved it if Kamijo interacted with his fans a bit more...but other than that I still feel blessed *O*
Especially because we were able to see the most adorable side of him :3 At first he caught the microphone-stand with his cape, later he wanted to do one hell of a cool pose and it became the cutest movement you have ever seen *-* Because he wanted to swipe his cape over his head in a theatralic movement and what happened? The cape landed on his head and it took him some minutes to come out again *fufufu* Sooooooo adorable *O* I just love Kamijo! <3

Checkis <3 <3 <3 

Also bought postcard sets and a black Tanktop :3 Love the design of the shirts :3

What was your greatest concert experience? What were you most disappointed with a concert?

Have a nice day~


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