Jul 24, 2014

Funeral Procession of Rose

Hello sweeties <3

I fell in love again *^* This time it is neither an anime nor music but yet another dress from my favourite Lolita-brand Baby the Stars shine bright, well better to say Alice and the Pirates ;) 

The print is called "Funeral Procession of Rose" and the theme is perfect for autumn in my opinion. Also the print itself is really detailed but not to overwhelming at the same time...if you know what I mean...and of course there is a rose theme going on -  and you know that this gets me hooked every single time *hehehe*

 There are two JSK-versions as always and I have to say this time I totally adore the Babydoll version *^* I am seriousely contemplating to get this one in lavender...I just love all the romantic little details *sighs* The other version is quite nice as well but somewhat plain in my opinion. What do you think?

I also really love the Onepiece but I am not quite sure about the collar ^^" 

What is your favourite print at the moment? Do you have a dress that you absolutely need to buy now?

Hope you have a nice afternoon~


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