Jul 31, 2014

Père Lachaise

Hello sweeties <3

OMG~ I nearly forgot to write about our last day in Paris...but as promised I did make it until the end of July *huahahuahua* I won't be able to post as much in the next few days though because I will visit my parents again *yay* But anyways here comes Day 4~

We, or better to say I, decided that for the last day a visit to Père Lachaise, Paris' biggest cemetery was in order. And now you might ask "WTH does she want to visit a cemetery?" Well, pretty visit the grave of Oscar Wilde which we only found after we met a nice couple from Spain who fortunately had a map of the cemetery (Yes, there is a map with all the graves written down). But before that we walked around and were fascinated by the size of the is really like a town on its own OoO And seriousely some people spent more money on tombs than on an actual house for living~

The streets even had names ^^ We were lucky that we didn't loose our way throughout the some point I wasn't really sure if we already visited one corner or not *hahaha*

I don't really want to imagine how much money was spent for some of the bigger tombs...they look gorgeous nonetheless and it is a great tribute to the afterlife but in my mind I kept thinking that so much more could have been achieved with that money ^^"

In our search for Oscar Wilde we were led astray but still found the grave of Jim Morrisson which isn't to hard...just follow all the people they sure are looking for the same xD

In the end we really found it xD It was in the totally opposite directen than Jim we saw half of the cemetery again but it was worth it. You could really see the love for this great author all around the grave...well and on the stone as well but to prevent people kissing the stone they build a glass barrier around it...people still pay their respects and write letters and put down flowers for Oscar Wilde even after all this time ^.^

Did you already visit Paris? Which sites did you visit?

Have a nice day and a great start into the weekend ^o^



  1. Falls ich es mal nach Paris schaffen sollte, was ich schwer hoffe, denn es wäre ja schon ganz kuhl, dann steht ein Friedhofsbesuch unbedingt auf dem Plan.
    Hast du auch einen Brief oder Blumen mitgebracht? Ich wüsste niemals wie ich meine Gefühle in Worte fassen sollte. Vor allem gegenüber jemandem, der selbst so wunderbar geschrieben hat.

    1. Huhu :) Klar kommst du nach Paris, is doch direkt um die Ecke ;) Ist echt ne tolle Stadt auch wenn man sich erstmal zurechtfinden muss so ohne Französisch XD

      Ne, wir haben nix mitgebracht weil wir noch net sicher wussten ob wir tatsächlich hingehen...und nen Brief...hab daran gedacht aber iwie ist mir dann auch nichts Eloquentes eingefallen ^^"