Aug 11, 2014

Make-Up Favourites

Hello sweeties <3

I know. I know...I am a really bad blogger and everytime I promise I will do better but what happens? I am to busy to this time no promises...I am just trying to get back on track. Starting with a post that I have planned for nearly one month now *hahaha* Today I want to talk about my make-up favourites :3 As my favourites don't change every month I decided to do this kind of post once in a while when there really is a "drastic" change in my favourites and well there was and I am gonna show you ;)

This time I have many highend products on my favourite list. When I started collecting make-up I thought the price is just because of the name and the quality isn't that different but the quality really is way higher than drugstore quality so the price does not only come from the well known name but really from the high quality ^^

1. Urban Decay - Naked 3 Pallet
I already love the Naked 1 pallet and this one is even greater *-* The colors have a pink and warm tone in them and the texture of the shadows is so soft (like always with Urban Decay *^*) Well, I mostly love that the colors all have a shade of pink *hahaha* When I am using eyeshadow I use this pallet to 95% :)

2. Dior Skin Nude Powder Foundation
The greatest powder foundation I have ever used. Most of the time I am using it with a liquid foundation as a great finish but even for itself it gives a good coverage and stays a pretty long time without sliding all around my face. Also the shade looks rather dark in the picture but it is on of the lightest powders I have used so far and it fits my skintone (which is as light as it can get xD) really well.

3. Dior Skin Nude Liquid Foundation
This foundation is pure love *-* It fits my skin perfectly and it is so light you forget that you are even wearing makeup...the coverage is really great as well and I don't want to use any other foundation at the moment *sighs* The price is pretty high compared to "normal" foundations but as I already said before it is worth every cent *-*

4. Etude House Face Conditioning Cream & NYX HD Studio Loose Powder
I don't know if I would love the powder as much on its own but in combination with the Face Cream from Etude House it is the perfect base for all the makeup you are going to apply. First you apply the facial cream and after that spread the powder on your face and your makeup won't slide of afterwards. Found this great tip on youtube :3 You actually don't need expensive facial primers ^o^ (Although I am still using them from time to time *hahaha*)

5. Lancome Visionnaire Facial Cream
Also on teh expensive end but also absolutely amazing *-* Nearly used up my first pot and trying out a night cream by Etude House but I am sure I will re-purchase this cream again soon. It smells really nice, I don't have any bad breakouts and it makes my skin feel sooooo smooth :3

6. Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes
It was a tie between the They're Real from benefit and the Doll Eyes which the Doll Eyes only won because I don't have such a hard time getting it off my eyes and because it smells like roses *-* You get superlong and nice looking lashes with this Mascara...what do you want more? (Well, maybe a better price but is how it is *hahaha*)

7. Benefit  Bella Bamba
My favourite blush of all time *-* Love it to pieces and could use it all the time *hahaha* It gives such a nice glow...Just Love it!

8. Revlon Lip Butters
I am not one who is using lipsticks that often because I fear that it might look clownish on me but I love the lip butters from Revlon *-* They give a nice hint of color without looking too over the top :)

9. Bvlgari Rose Essentielle
I already talked about this perfume so much on my blog, I don't think I have to say any more about why I love it, right? ;) It is just amazing and my go-to perfume ^o^

So, these are my current favourites, what are yours? Do you rather like highend or drugstore products? 

Hope you had a great start into this week <3



  1. Hallo Alice!

    Tolle Favoriten hast du da mal wieder! Das eine oder andere wäre sicher auch was für mich.
    Obwohl ich gerade nicht so Bock auf Beauty hab.. Fühle mich etwas... naja... lol

    Ich interessiere mich sehr für das Perfum... Vielleicht wandert das auch noch auf meine Wunschliste *g*

    Allerliebste Grüße,

    1. Huhu <3

      Lange nichts mehr von dir gehört? Wie gehts dir?

      Ja, das kenne ich mit wenig bis keine Lust auf Beauty...bei mir gehts grad so weit, dass ich auf fast gar nix wirklich Lust hab xD Muss mich immer voll zwingen *seufz* Aber hey, das geht auch vorbei...nichtd en Kopf hängen lassen *flausch*

      Knuddelgrüße <3

    2. Danke, mir geht es gut. Ich hatte viel zutun und war auch für 2 Wochen in Deutschland um meine Familie zu besuchen.
      Wie geht es dir? Ich gute?? Du hast also grad auch nicht so Bock auf Beauty ^^ Du bist aber hoffentlich nicht deprimiert, oder? :(

      Ja, du auch! Nicht den Kopf hängen lassen. :))

      Oh, ist die Puderfoundation von Dior echt so gut? Die wandert dann vielleicht auch auf meine Liste. Die Nude Foundation liebe ich nämlich einfach *_*

      Lieben Gruß,


    3. Heyho :)

      Es ist schön zu hören, dass es dir gut geht ^^ Und dass du eine schöne Zeit in Deutschland hattest ^O^
      Joa, bei mir is...ach, ich könnte so viel dazu sagen und am Ende würde das nix ändern...mir sollte es super gehen aber das tut es nicht xD Aufgeben tue ich deswegen aber lange noch nicht ^-^

      Und die Foundation ist epic *O* Ich liebe sie in Kombination mit der liquid foundation aber auch einfach so ^^


  2. Wow, great collection! Especially the Naked 3 Pallet looks amazing. :3

    1. Thank you :)
      The Naked 3 Pallet really is amazing *-*