Aug 28, 2014

Anime Rant - Monochrome Factor

Hello sweeties <3

I ish still alive but as my life is pretty boring at the moment I didn't have anything interesting to blog about ^^" Well, I could have ranted about the latest Doctor Who episode but nobody would have taken an interest to that...if that ever stopped me though xD I just couldn't get myself up to posting *hahaha* But today I just need to talk about an anime that I recently discovered *O* It is called Monochrome Factor and it was already aired in 2008. 

The story revolves around the typical highschool slacker Nikaidou Akira, who really isn't that typical at all as he excels at every sports. Akira is soon approached by a suspicious looking (handsome xD) guy called Shirogane who is telling him that they are bound by fate. Soon Akira and also two of his friends are thrown into the fight between Shadowworld and World of Light and our protagonist seems to be more than just a slacker.

Well, the story doesn't really seem too interesting, the normal highschooler receiving magical powers and growing as a person-story BUT it is far from that. With a good portion of slapstick and also Shonen-Ai this anime is really worth a watch. Also the characterdesign is really nice to look at and there are a great deal of Bishonen :3

It is not the height of animation and the storytelling but I couldn't stop watching it. I laughed so hard at some parts of the story that I couldn't breathe afterwards *thumbs up*

Which anime did you watch recently?

Have a nice day <3



  1. Ja, bei MF kann man wirklich herrlich an einigen Stellen lachen :D
    Ich habe den Anime 2010 zufällig entdeckt, mittlerweile ist die Erinnerung an die Story kaum noch da, aber was hängen geblieben ist sind einige dieser völlig absonderlichen Szenen, wo man sich einfach nur totlachen kann xD

    1. Hihi~ ich bin mir auch net sicher ob ich mich noch lange an die Geschichte erinnern werde aber die Comedy parts sind schon episch *hihi* Ich lag manchmal echt so auf dem Boden xD

  2. Kenne ich nicht, aber wenn der Anime so lustig sein soll, gucke ich vllt auch mal rein, wenn ich mal wieder mehr Zeit habe und mein Zeug, was ich gerade gucke, zu Ende geschaut habe. xD

  3. Was schaust du denn gerade alles?
    Der Anime ist jetzt net die Krönung von Allem aber die LAcher...ich lag so am Boden XD