Aug 13, 2014

Beloved Lestat - The Brat Prince returns

Hello sweeties <3

OMG~ OMG~ OMG~ I am so excited. Not only was another installment of the Vampire Chronicles announced (Prince Lestat) some time ago but now Universal also bought the movierights to all the books around my beloved brat prince *^* I already loved the movie Interview with the Vampire from 20 years ago and can't wait to see what Universal is going to make out of the awesome books now. Also the screenplay for Tales of the Bodythief will be done by Anne Rice's son Christopher <3 SOOO EXCITED!!!! [ Btw. on this blog we don't speak about the 2nd movie based on the books even though I think Aaliyah was great as Akasha :)]

You already know who my 1st choice for the role of Lestat would be but who do you think would make a great Vampire from Anne Rice's awesome books? Who should play Armand? What about Louis?

Did you read the Vampire Chronicles? I am so excited that finally some real Vampires are going to take the stage again *O* *dances happily*

Hope you have an awesome Wednesday~


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  1. Moment mal.. Interview mit einem Vampir ist schon 20 Jahre alt? ;___;
    Hab ja bisher immernoch bloß ein Buch von Anne Rice gelesen und ich schätze das muss ich nun wirklich dringend nachholen. Ich kann mir genauso gut vorstellen, dass die Verfilmung blöd wird, wie dass sie gut wird. Aber ich kenne die Story nicht und so oder so ist es ein Fall für vorher lesen! :D