Aug 29, 2014

Milu Forest - Swan Lake Anastasia

Hello sweeties <3

I found my dreamdress *hahaha* AGAIN! Well, this time I am really going to buy it for sure *nods* Because the theme and the style just call my name~ It is Swan Lake Anastasia from the Chinese Brand Milu Forest and as soon as a dear friend showed it to me I was in love *O*

Swan Lake is my favourite fairytale *-* And the print is just a perfect depiction of what the story is all about. I really like how they not only put Odette (white swan) on the print but also have a picture of Odile (black swan) <3

Unfortunately at the moment only the JSK was announced so far but I really really want to buy the Onepiece when it is available for order *-* I just love those kind of sleeves *sighs* And the details in the front are just too gorgeous~

I love the white version *-* I will definitely get the Onepiece in white <3 Although I think that the lavender version looks gorgeous as well *sighs* To many choices, not enough money *hahaha*

What do you think about the print? What is your dreamdress at the moment?

Have a nice weekend~



  1. Das ist ein wirklich schöner Print! Die lilane Version hat's mir auch echt angetan, aber ich finde die weiße auch toll. :3 Freu mich schon, dass Kleid an dir zu sehen.
    Habe mir kürzlich übrigens auch mal ein Lolita-Kleid zugelegt. xD

  2. ich hoffe ja die bringen es bald raus...weil noch gibts nur die JSK-Version >.<
    Oh, welches Kleid hast du dir denn gekauft? :3