Jul 14, 2014

Eiffeltower and Montmartre

Hello sweeties <3

As promised I am going to write about our trip to Paris one week ago but as I am not one to write overly long posts and descriptions of what happened it might just turn into a big pic-spam with some random comments from my side inbetween but lets start ;)

On July 3rd my day already started at 5pm as I had to get to the airport by 8pm and the way to the airport takes me around 90 minutes all the time xD So I started early and still managed to be 20 minutes late with the help of Deutsche Bahn *fuuuu* Still Nezumi and myself were in time to do the check-in...well, this was what we thought but due to rude people pushing their way in front of us we still had to hurry a bit to get to our flight - in the end everything was good though. For me the flight was not too special although the machine was rather small and you really felt every airhole xD We landed in Paris at about noon and after we got our luggage back I decided we would take a taxi because I was kinda pissed about the missing wheel on my bag >.<

Arriving at the hostel we still had to wait to check in so we set down and had something to eat because we haven't eaten since we started from Stuttgart. After that lunch we could finally check in and as it was sooooo hot in Paris and we were not prepared for that we decided to change into something more comfy :3 So after putting our luggage away and changing clothes we went to the Metro to do some major sightseeing. 
Our first stop, after the metro where we were confused a bit because we did not understand the ticket machines, our first stop was the Eiffeltower :3 I really love seeing it as for me it is kind of a symbol for love and happy couples...yeah, this is what commercials do to me xD I think Nezumi wasn't to impressed with it but I still really love it because of the feeling it stands for in my heart ^.^

 So happy <3 I love Paris~

 The park and fountain in front of the Eiffeltower are amazing as could stay there for hours and hours and just relax and enjoy the scenery ^.^

Before reaching the Eiffeltower we were "disturbed" by one of the most amazing carussells *-* And children that we are we had to take a ride - look how happy that made me :3 Yep~ we also walked a lot XD

We finally reached Eiffeltower at around 5pm and we didn't want to go up at first because we heard that waiting time could be up to 4 hours so we just checked out the situation first and saw that the line wasn't to long and after "only" one hour we were on the 2nd platform ^^b I think we got pretty lucky there :3

 The view from the Top was so amazing *-* And we got the chance to rest our feet for some minutes and my cute Nezumi took some nice pictures of myself even though I didn't like how I looked that day ^^"

 For the way down we decided on taking the stairs as it would have cost another 9 EUR to get down again O.o And they way down wasn't as long as I remembered XD

After visiting the Eiffeltower we went back to Montmartre to check out the venue for the concert on July 4th and to visit Sacre Coeur *_* I have to say this is the most beautiful church I ever set foot in...unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures inside *sighs* But nonetheless it was really nice ^^

Well, we had to use the scenery to take some nice pictures :3 I bought this cute hat at one of the many vendors in Montmartre ^.^

After we climed down from Sacre Coeur we met some friends from Stuttgart who were also attending the concert to talk about the concert day and soon after we left for home as Nezumi wasn't feeling too well. At the hostel we only took a quick shower and collapsed into our beds as the day was awesome but pretty exhausting xD

This was it for today's post will be about the concert and my impressions there :3

Have a nice start into this week <3


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