Jul 23, 2014

Paris City Tour - Louvre, Notre Dame and the Seine~

Hello sweeties <3

Here comes the 3rd (and 2nd to last) part of my Paris report. The 3rd day (Saturday) was all in the name of sightseeing. Beforehand I already booked tickets for a bustour and a tour on the Seine. I also already looked up how we can reach the sights we want to see before we even reached Paris. I need to be prepared before travelling somewhere xD

The first thing we did after we left the hostel was finding the starting point of the bustour. After some minutes of walking in the wrong direction we finally found the place and our tour could start. Our personal first stop was the Louvre but we only took some pictures outside as we did not have the time to actually go inside and enjoy all the pieces of art as much as we would have liked it.
A really nice couple took our picture in front of the oh-so-famous pyramid :)

The architecture really is stunning *_* Unfortunately the weather wasn't as nice as the days before *sighs*

You can find my outfit post here :)

Next stop after buying some stamps and souvenirs was Notre Dame...aaaand we actually didn't want to go inside after seeing how long the cue for the entrance was but after seeing how fast the people were moving we decided we have to have a look inside ;) But compared to Sacre Coeur Notre Dame lost by far...maybe it was because of the many people but it wasn't as beautiful ^^"

 It is gorgeous but because it was so cramped it lost some of its beauty in my opinion~


After visiting Notre Dame we went to a really nice little restaurant with a really hot waiter to fill our empty stomachs *hehe* and to decide what we wanted to do next ^^v 

With our stomachs full we went to the Seine to wait for the so-called "Batobus", the ship-version of the bustour we already attended. Our plan was to visit the Arc de Triomphe without having to walk to much...well, the plan kinda failed but on our way we came accross some really nice buildings and most important of all...we came across the Disney Store <3 *_*

  We really turned into little kids again and bought so many plushies you wouldn't believe me if there wasn't this picture ;) I love Dumbo <3

Last stop that day was the Arc de Triomphe...or at least we planned it that way >>" When we arrived and wanted to enter with our pre-ordered tickets we weren't allowed to go inside because of our "costumes"...and we couldn't even exchange our tickets >.< Fortunately we foudn a couple who didn't want to wait in line and bought our tickets ^^v

After we weren't allowed into the Arc de Triomphe we jumped onto the bus again and went back to Notre Dame again. From there we went back to the hostel as our feet hurt waaaaaaay too much xD I still think it was a great day even with not so good weather and the Arc de Triomphe-incident ;)

Did you already visit Paris? What did you do there?

Hope you have a nice afternoon~



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    1. Paris is really a gorgeous city *_* You should definitely go there if you get the chance ^^

  2. Haha :) I was in the same restaurant about 2 years ago and I hadn't seen this pretty waiter

    1. You were? *haha* Well maybe he was new...or maybe he was hiding two years agao ;D *jk*