Jul 25, 2014

Shower Gel and why I am not allowed to buy anymore...

Hello sweeties <3

Today marks the start of another challenge for me! This time I challenge myself to NOT buy anymore showergels for the next 6 months...probably? And now you might ask why? Well, over the last year I accumulated waaaaaay to many shower gels >>"  *points down*

I really love buying new showergels because I am absolutely obsessed with new scents in my shower but as you can see it really went out of hand x"D Over 20 showergels for only one person is...stupid xD

I really can't look away when it comes to Limited Edition they won't come back I really buy everything I can get in that direction especially the Balea showergels are really high on my list ^^

My 2nd weakness are special offers...especially the ones Duschdas is having are the death of me. 3 showergels for the price of one...I can't resist here? Also their Limited Editions smell soooo nice all the time...I bought 3 bottles of the Winter Beauty showergel 2 years ago because I loved it so much and I still have one bottle left ^^"

Treacle Moon - I am obsessed...I love the design of the bottles and I love the scents and despite that I actually only used a little bit so far because when I take a shower I reach for the other not-that-expensive showergels first ^^"

And last but not least there are the showergels I got as a present or received in a Glossybox. I especially love the Winter Candy Apple form Bath & Bodyworks (which I finally used up xD) It smells like the green Herbal Essences used to *nostalgia* When I used up most of the above showergels I will moste definitely re-purchase that one if I find it again XD

So, what is your beauty-related obsession? What do you buy all the time even though you promised yourself you wouldn't?

Have a nice Friday everyone <3


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