Jan 1, 2015

Happy New Year! [without resolutions but many pictures ;)]

Hello sweeties <3

normally I would have already written several Christmas themed and new years resolution posts but this time I feel like doing something very different - as 2014 was one of the best and at the same time worst years I have had in a long time I don't really want to dwell on what happened last year, also I noticed about new years resolutions that I never keep them - last year I wanted to read more, travel more, do more sports, loose weight etc. the end life came my way and everything happened as it happened. So, I decided I am going to stop making promises to myself at the beginning of a year - things will happen as they happen. Nonetheless, in my last post I promised that this post will be picture heavy ;) So here come my last days of 2014 in pictures ;)
On the 23rd of December we went to Basel to have a look at the Christmas market and do some shopping at Migros *O* You can't imagine how much I love swiss (and french) supermarkets *ahahaha*
  I really like the architecture and color of the Basel town hall *-*
On the christmas market they had the cutest display for the toy museum in Basel *-* Wanna go there soon~ I love seeing toys from all eras in the past :3

On Christmas Eve we didn't do anything the morning we went to France to do some last minute shopping, later we had a relaxed dinner and went for a walk in Freiburg. And in the evening we played some Guild Wars 2 while watching Swiss TV xD

We also went to the Seepark in Freiburg...I think in summer it is a really nice place to take pictures and have a nice picnic :3

We also had an awesome Christmas Cake from Cora in France *O*

On the 28th (yes, between Christmas Eve and the 28th we pretty much only played Guild Wars 2 or went for some short walks *hahaha* No pictures to sho here ^^") winter finally arrived in Freiburg and we decided to take a "trip" to Schauinsland a mountain near Freiburg. We went up by ropeway and would have had a nice view if it wasn't for all the fog hanging around xD Nontheless we wandered around the winter wonderland for a bit ^^

 I was finally able to wear my bunny ears again *ngahahahaha* They are so warm and comfy :3

On December 30th we travelled to Karlsruhe to meet my cute Vanilla - and even though we only had 3 hours to chat and catch up it was nice meeting her again after only 1 month <3 Didn't have to wait 1 year like last time x"D Afterwards we made a short detour to castle Favorite near Rastatt...and in my head I already planned another meet-up *hahahaha* Really wanna go there again in spring or summer <3

What did you do during Christmas and New Years? I hope you had a great time with your loved ones whatever you did :)

Have a great start into the year 2015 - and if you made resolutions I am keeping my fingers crossed that this year will be everything you want it to be ^.^


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  1. Dir auch ein frohes neues Jahr! ^w^
    Sieht aus als hättest du einen gemütlichen Jahreswechsel gehabt. <3
    Die Bilder von dir mit Schnee sind so schön. *--*