Dec 17, 2014

You are extraordinary!

Hello sweeties <3

OMG~ I was starting to write this post already 2 weeks ago...yes I am a bad blogger. But you know how it is - life takes up all your attention sometimes ;)

As you might already guess from previous posts there was one major change in my life BUT I am not going to talk about that today...or in the future that is ;P I want to talk about something rather unrelated that somehow is totally related xD

I could not be happier with how things are at the moment and still can't stop thinking serious and sometimes not so happy thoughts. I want to share some of these thoughts with you because I think you might have the same thoughts from time to time as well and maybe knowing that there are people out there who have the same fears make you feel less alone. And hey, maybe my advice in dealing with those anxieties might even help you ;D

To this day I often tend to compare myself to other people - mostly women. Most of the time I also tend to pick out only one point, compare it and in my head I end up on the shorter end. There might be someone taller with long wavy hair that I want but don't have. Or someone seems smarter than myself. At times like these I only see those great qualities that I might not have, forget about what makes me special and feel depressed or even worthless. I try to change myself for the world, to be more ideal or what I perceive to be ideal. I forget that I also have traits that are adorable, great etc. BUT instead of falling into a deep pit of self-pity and depression (like so often in the past) I try to stop my destructive thoughts and try to see what I love about myself on better days.

So what if I am not tall? I am on the shorter side, that makes me kinda adorable. I don't have an elegant face? Well, mine is round and I have sparkling eyes...I am cute like that. I am not a dancer, artist or something else I wanted to be as a child? Hell, I am a princess, that is far better. You can have long conversations with me about serious and silly things. I am a rather creative person, I love to decorate. And people love it when I smile. I might not be perfect and I might not have everything that I adore on others - but I am the best me I can be at the moment. And hey, there still is space for improvement, right? ;)

So, my point is, try telling yourself all the good things about yourself once in a while when you feel you are not as good or great as everybody around you. You are special because you are you - don't try to be someone elso only to please other people.

As Xander from Buffy already said to Dawn once "You're not special. You are extraordinary!" Never forget that whatever the world may throw at you - you are you and that is the best you can ever be ^o^

Both pictures found on Upworthy - Credit goes to the creator and of course Joss Whedon :)

So~ this was a serious post for once, the next will be picture heavy again - I promise ;)

Have an amazing evening <3



  1. Sehr schöner Post :) Danke!
    Freut mich übrigens, dass es dir zur Zeit so gut geht ;) Wirklich ^--^

    Liebe Grüße ^___^

    1. Danke ^^ Ich hoffe solche Posts helfen manchmal :)

  2. Ja, so ist's richtig. ^_^ Weiter so! <3