Jan 18, 2015

Sailor Moon Crystal - My thoughts

Hello sweeties <3

So, the 1st arc of the new Sailor Moon anime is over and I finally decided to say some things about it. I had really high expectatiobns for the show and I shouldn't have had. Because even though the anime keeps true to the manga until a certain point there was one thing that I really disliked >.< (Except for the crappy animation that got better over time though ;D) 

(c) Naoko Takeuchi and Kodansha
In the past Naoko Takeuchi saifd that she wanted to work on the relationship between the Inner Senshi and the Shitennou a bit more (and I was a big fan of that idea <3) - what happened in the anime was exactly that BUT the conclusion was so horrid that I wanted to cry T^T So, they showed that the Senshi fell in love with the Shitennou because the saw them? WTF? And they wanted to save them from evil because of their love...okay, fair point, who wouldn't want their loved ones to be saved? Anyways, the Shitennou died nonetheless, the Senshi cried a bit, Sailor Moon needed saving and everything was forgotten? What in hell happened there? I don't remember the manga being this weird @@ Well, the manga I read didn't have that element so I can't say if the "new" manga has this story but I was so dissappointed. 
Also the story telling in generel seemed so loveless...I really love the old anime and I adore the manga but in both I never had the feeling that bthe characters were generic *sighs* I will watch the anime further because there are some redeeming points nonetheless and I want to see how the story plays out in this animation because it is the story of the manga and even though I ADORE the old anime I loved some points in the manga much more ^.^ But nothing is better than Moonlight Densetsu...Moon Pride is a nice song but it just can't win ;)


What did you think about the new anime? Did you already watch it?

Hope you have a nice day <3



  1. Hey^^

    Also ich hab den neuen Anime noch nicht gesehen, aber liebe den Alten und auch ein paar Manga habe ich gelesen. Hmm, habe das noch nicht ganz verstanden, also wird im neuem Anime die alte Story nochmal neu aufgelegt? Dachte es gäbe hier auch ne neue Story dann. o.o
    Ich find den neuen Stil schön und auch das Lied, aber ich finde auch, es kommt nicht an das Alte heran ^^" Wahrscheinlich ist das einfach von früher so drin XD

    Liebe Grüße ^_^

    1. Wenn du den MAnga kennst, ist es lustig da Vergleiche zu ziehen. Und bis zu nem gewissen Punkt sind Anime und Manga auch gleich aber dann wirds weird und lieblos. Und es is keine neue Story sondern einfach nur näher am Manga :) Also ein Vergleich mit dem alten Anime hinkt da eigentliuch auch ziemlich XD

  2. Great Post! It's been a long while since I last visited! :)
    How have you been??

    1. Thank you for your comment ^^
      I have been really good...didn't do as much travel as I liked though XD How have you been?

  3. Ich hatte mir auch echt vorgenommen, Sailor Moon Crystal zu gucken. Aber ich hab's noch nicht getan. XD Wer weiß, ob ich es überhaupt tue. Ich liebe den alten Sailor Moon Anime einfach so sehr. ;_; Kindheitserinnerungen. <3

    1. Hmmm, es fängt schon net so schlecht an...mal von der eher scxhlechten Animation abgesehen xD Aber es kommt weder an den Manga noch den alten Anime ran ^^" Ich werds weiterschauen weil ich Anime net so einfach abbrechen kann x"D