Jan 15, 2015

A year in Lolita [Picture Heavy xD]

Hello sweeties <3

The 2nd week of work this year is nearly over and I decided I will do one review post for 2014. I already saw something like that on other blogs and thought it is a nice idea. I want to have a look back on my lolita outfits that I wore in 2014 and maybe see how or if there was a change in my style ^.^

January 2014 - I tried my hands on something darker again and I think I did pretty well. Love that JSK *O*

February 2014 - In February I started doing videos and started wearing Lolita more ofte because of that. Sweet as usual ;)
March 2014 - Tried my own hair again and fell in love with hats *hahaha*
April 2014 - The hat theme continues here. Trying out different color combinations :)
May 2014 - OTT Sweet and some Classic...expanding my style somewhat xD
June 2014 - I am venturing into Classic a little bit more ;) And my love for hats *hahaha*
July 2014 - Trip to Paris and I need to wear Lolita. The Kamijo concert is screaming for a darker look but other than that Sweet as usual XD
August 2014 - That definitely is another Classic Month for me...again with my own hair...doesn't look that bad, right? ;)
September 2014 - I cut my hair because I hated that it got thinner again because of the season >.< Now I want my long hair back xD And RHS again <3
October 2014 - Hime Lolita and Bonnets *O*
November 2014 - Something more classic and dark for a belated Halloween...and I fell in love with Bonnets even more *hahaha*
December 2014 - I'll call it the OTT month xD I think this is the style I like the most at the moment...can't wait which new dresses and Coords 2015 brings :3

Hope you had a not so stressfull week so far <3



  1. Hey ! :)

    Schöne Outfits hattest du in 2014 ^~^
    Ganz besonders gut hat mir das vom November gefallen <3

    Liebe Grüße,
    Michelle ^^~

    1. hiho :)

      Vielen Dank ^^
      Ja, November war toll :3


  2. Das Outfit mit den Hasenohren ist wunderschön! *_* Ich hab diesselbe Mütze, weiß aber nie wie ich es kombinieren soll, vor allem ist es gerade nicht sehr kalt in Wien

    1. Danke dir :) Ich hab die Mütze auch erst zweimal getragen weil ich auch nie weiß wie ich sie tragen soll aber zum Wintertag hat sie perfekt gepasst :)

  3. Ich liebe solche Posts und ich finde du hattest ein tolles Lolita-Jahr! :3