Jul 25, 2012

Weekend and Giveaway-Winner ^^

Hello my sweeties <3

And again it is the middle of the week until I can update my blog ^^" Sorry for keeping you waiting all the time m(_._)m But as work was really busy until yesterday and I was really beat in the evening I hope you can forgive me ;) So, first things first. I can proudly present the winner of my first giveaway ^o^ Thanks to everyone who participated~
Each entry received a number starting with the earliest...I think you know the drill ;) And says the winner is Yen-chan...congrats~

Second: My AWESOME weekend :3

On Friday I went to Nürnberg again after a pretty long absence...and it really was time because I totally missed my girls *hugs everyone* When I arrived I met up with Emilielynn and Stefan and we went to have awesome Cocktails and Salads at a Bar called Leons <3 It is a little bit pricey there but it definitely worth it ^^b
    I had a so-called Absinth Colada...I just love Absinth although I get drunk reallly fast when drinking it xD Well~ I actually started to like it after I heard that in the 19th century every poet was living on Absinth...thats me beeing stupid...but I actually really like Absinth now xDD

My Outfit of the day...after work I directly took the train and had to change on the train toilet xDD I really like that outfit nonetheless ^^ 

OP: Angelic Pretty - Rest: H&M - Necklace: Present from Yuzuki

On Saturday we slept in and I got the chance to play Guild Wars 2...and I am totally hooked now *O* Wanna play it so badly now but still gotta wait until end of August Q.Q In the afternoon we went for a little shopping and had some awesome soup at the Yoghurtbar in Erlangen <3 I went there nearly every week when I was still nostalgic :3

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

JSK/Bow: Baby - Shoes: An-tai-na - Blouse: ebay - Rest: Offbrand

In the evening we went out again to the long-awaited "Return of the 90s"-Party...we danced and danced and danced and felt like 16 again xD It was so awesome...didn't want to leave but we had to *sob sob*

 Outfit for the party :3
Dress is MmM (Thanks to Emilielynn for lending it to me <3), Rest is offbrand ^^

Awesome song <3

On Sunday I met up with some other dear friends to chat and catch up...unfortunately I had to go back to Stuttgart pretty early we couldn't talk as much as I wanted to but it still was great to meet my girls ag <3

JSK: Baby - Blouse: ebay - Shoes: Secret Shop - Necklace: Metamorphose - Rest: Offbrand
I definitely need a yellow Cardigan ^^"

Hope you had an awesome weekend as well <3

Lots of Love and Kisses~


  1. Wunderschöne Outfits *o* Seh ich das richtig, oder glitzert das MmM Kleid? ^^ Vom Bild her gefällt mir am Besten das am Bahngleis... das Licht ist durch das Wetter einfach genial!

    1. Vielen Dank ^O^

      Jupp~ das MmM-Kleid glitzert...soweit ich mich jetzt daran erinner xD

  2. duuu siehst so hübschi aus!!!^^

  3. the necklace is pretty handy huh :D
    sehr hübsch wie immer :) <3 das schwarze kleid ist wirklich toll muss ich gestehn xD da krieg ich direkt selbst lust auf schwarz