Jul 4, 2012

I love Stuttgart~

Hello my sweeties <3

And again it is already Wednesday and I still haven't written about my awesome weekend ^^" But don't dread I will do that now ;) So, what exactly did I do? On Saturday evening I met with Yuzuki and we first went to a really nice Sushiplace called Sushi Circle. It was really delicious if you are in Stuttgart and wanna eat Sushi this is a good place to go to. After that we wandered through the city a little, took pictures and chatted a lot. 
It was really, really warm that day so after not to long we decided that we wanted to sit down and have drinks at a bar called "5"...and I have to say, although the Cocktails and other drinks are rather expensive compared to other bars, they were the most awesome Cocktails I ever had in my life. Also the bar itself was really awesome...really comfy and stylish at the same time. I definitely will go there again *all thumbs up*

One of the awesome cocktails :) i don't know what it was called because Yuzuki just said "Give us something fruity!" to the bartender and thats what we got...AWESOMENESS <3

All in all it was an awesome evening/night and I really wanna go out with Yuszuki time we will go to a festival of lights in Stuttgart together and than I hope we will go dancing sometime :3 The only thing bad on that evening was the thunderstorm that made most of the trains travel at the speed of snakes or not drive at all x.X it took me 90 minutes to reach home instead of 20 *sighs* But nonetheless the night was EPIC ^O^

On Sunday I just met with a collegue and we had the weather wasn't that good we just talked for a bit and went home pretty soon again. But I used the occasion to wear one of the wigs I ordered at ebay ^^
Me in front of that really ugly but supposedly most famous statue of the city I am living in right now...I don't know what the people thought by doing that monstrosity XDD

Hope you had a great weekend as well ^^

Lots of love and kisses~


  1. dein out-of-lolita style ist auch echt süß :3

  2. Ich bin ja schon irgendwie neidisch, dass die Stuttgarter Dich jetzt haben. ;_;

    Aber ich freu mich natürlich, dass Du Dich so wohl fühlst. <3

    1. Kommt mich besuchen *sing* ;) Ihr habt mich doch auch immer noch :3 Wann darf ich denn diesen Monat mal vorbei kommen? Also wie es jetzt ausschaut hab ich nur noch zu dem WE Zeit wo auch Klassik Open Air ist...könnten ja Sa mal tanzen gehen *so lust drauf hat*

    2. Wieso krieg ich keine Meldung, dass Du geantwortet hast? ;_;

      Du musst nur Bescheid sagen wann Du kommen magst. Nächste Woche wäre nur blöd bei mir mit bleiben, weil ich zu meinem Bruder am Samstag muss. Aber das WE vom Klassik Open Air kannst Du gerne bei mir bleiben. :)

  3. jaaa der abend war awesomeness pur :) und wir müssen auf jedenfall mal shaky shaky zusammen gehn solangs noch sommer ist ~.^ dann brauchen wir weder jacken noch viel stoff auf der haut xD. ich wär jederzeit dafür zu haben also brauchst nur bescheid sagen dann klappern wir sämtliche clubs ab :*

    1. <3 <3 <3 Auf jeden Fall müssen wir noch mal im Sommer tanzen gehen :3 Muss heute mal meinen Kalender konsultieren *hehehe*