Jul 4, 2017

Anime Review: Touken Ranbu Hanamaru


back to watching and reviewing anime regularly again *fufufu* Hoping that not another disaster like KADO is happening so sun x"D In light of the summer season of anime and wanting to watch Katsugeki Touken Ranbu I took the opportunity to watch...

Touken Ranbu Hanamaru (Fall 2016)

(c) FUNimation Entertainment
The story is set in the year 2205 where history is threatened by evil forces that try to change history. The only one who can stop them is the sage Saniwa who has the power to give life to historical Japanese swords. In the form of handsome young men, the Touken Danshi 刀剣男子, these swords are sent out to protect history...and live their life at the citadel.

(c) FUNimation Entertainment
STORY: 7/10
The premise is really interesting and now I really want to learn more about famous Japanese swords but the execution is nothing that would throw my of my seat. It is a solid fantasy action anime with many slice of life elements though. Unfortunately the story doesn't get the chance to dive into special parts deeply as the show has only 12 episodes so far. But a 2nd season is announced for 2018 *fufufu*

(c) FUNimation Entertainment
Too many characters for only 12 episodes!!! And on top of that characters that you could find in every other anime BUT nevertheless they are loveable and grow on you so much...even though the show only has 12 episodes. The way the interact with each other is depicted nicely and they are all pretty goodlooking *coughs* Each and every character is unique and even though I only know the names of 6 of them at most they are still recognizable. Although I am a sucker for new and creative characters I love those "standard" characters.

(c) FUNimation Entertainment
ART: 8/10
Objectively speaking it is average. Compared to other shows the art doesn't really stand out but subjectively speaking: I LOVE IT! It is just the art style I love. I mean, pretty boys - need I say more? I also love how vibrant the color palette is ^^b

(c) FUNimation Entertainment

(c) FUNimation Entertainment
MUSIC: 10/10 [sucker for openings+endings here]
I love, love, love the opening. Feel-good music at its best :D I also quite like that they used a different ending for each episode with the characters that played the main part in said episode.

Eye-candy and a nice story on top of that. It is no masterpiece - far from it but it is a nice watch inbetween. You can watch this show on crunchyroll.

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