Jul 3, 2017

It's Gravitation!!!


today will be another "slightly" different as I can't really make a level-headed review for this anime and this will be mostly ranting/fangirling XD [Also see this as a countermeasure against the sadness that is KADO T^T]

Let's talk about Gravitation~

If you are around in the anime scene for as long as I have this anime will be nothing new to you - but if you don't read further (if you dare).

When it came out it was preeeettty hyped!! But lets start in the beginning. The anime which aired Winter 2000 is based on the manga (1996-2002) with the same name and so far the manga has 12 volumes (completed) and a continuation called Gravitation EX that has 2 volumes so far. The story revolves around the relationship of Shindou Shuichi who aspires to be famous with his band Bad Luck and the writer Yuki Eiri, with the worst character in the country (according to Shuichi).At their first encounter Yuki destroys Shuichis self-esteem by telling him that he has no talent for songwriting whatsoever...and this is the point that makes Shuichi fall in love with him AND from this point on everything goes just crazy. And I mean mindf***ing crazy!!

The anime is rather "tame" compared to the manga but there still are so many WTF-moments that I srsly doubt my sanity on why I love this anime so much x"D There is no explanation on why exactly Shuichi is falling in love with Yuki - it can't be his character...maybe his sleeping face? Because it is so cute (quote Shuichi). And why is Yuki bothering with him...srsly, why does he let him in ALL the time and later complains about it? They are the prime examples of Genki Boy and, these terms don't even describe them...those characters are all over the place. And what the hell is up with Tohma? It's okay if Shindou dies but how dare you involve MY Eiri-san...dude, you've got a f***ing wife to care for *argh* And what the fuuuu with the "Poor Yuki is so fragile because of his past, we have to be especially careful!" but after Shuichi is raped only one day passes and everything is back to business? It seems that he doesn't even care long as Yuki is happy, he doesn't mind dying...fuuuuuuu~ pretty one sided dude! My brain does not comprehend *ahahahahaha* And the story itself - it can't decide if it wants to be serious or funny...I mean the story is actually pretty good. Aspiring musician trying to make it big, getting self esteem and finding himself and writer with a dark past he needs to overcome. The character combination of Shuichi and Yuki is also pretty typical fore Shonen-Ai. The character full of life and the dark and brooding character who needs to be saved by the Genki Boy. But somewhere something went horribly wrong...I mean, spicing up the typical BL story with some comedic elements is fine and all but WHY?????But as the story progresses the insanity progresses as well. I mean flying panda robot? Shooting people at each possible moment? I mean, what? WHAT???? And suddenly Shuichi and Yuki are raising a boy? Come again? What? And can someone explain Sakuma-sans split personality again? I mean, that he has one is obvious but what?

I think Gravitation is a new and waaaaay crazier version of Alice in Wonderland...I am not yet sure who exactly is Alice but I am pretty sure everyone else is either the Mad Hatter, the March Hare ore the Queen of Hearts...mostly the Queen of Hearts really, with all the shooting and killing intent. And in the beginning I really thought the story was about music and love...*crazy laughter* And don't even get me started on the official doujinshi...wait, these might be the sanest parts of the whole story though *crazy laughter continues*

A friend asked me if I would recommend the story to anyone and speaking in my right mind I would warn everyone to keep their distance from this mindf*** BUT the crazy fangirl in me that adores Shuichi, Yuki and Sakuma-san would throw everything at you and make you as obsessed as myself x"D

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