Jul 2, 2017

Right Answer turned wrong...

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As I didn't want to write this whole rant in my review it now gets a post of its own ;) So, lets talk about "The right answer" and what it should have been in my opinion~

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Sorry, not sorry for all the rage and erratic things coming up now x"D 

So the right answer supposedly is: We have to fear every change coming from outside, outsiders are evil all the time, only humanity can make the world better, humans will stop to be humans if outsiders interfere. So, let me ask: cats are not cats anymore because humans interfered with their evolution (breeding etc.), right? Oh no, I am sorry, cats and other animals are lesser beings because they are not as superior as we humans. We are the ruler of this planet and can do everything we want with it as long as we do it with our own hands. Well, isn't that conceited?

The story would have been so much better if we humans were to accept that we are only a tiny part of the universe -insignificant really- and if we want to advance we need a revolutionary change, even if it means leaping into the unknown, meaning taking zaShuninas offer. At one point in the series there even was the realization that change comes with big sacrifices...but this was thrown out of the window *sighs* The show had to unpack the humans-are-oh.-so-special-trope at all costs. The one species that can offer the higher beings what they want. And not to mention so special because even though we fall, we still live our life to the fullest. Erm, cliche much? I mean, isn't making the decision to take zaShuninas offer also part of humans trying to survive and evolve? Why is opening up your mind to something bigger a bad thing? Loosing the one thing that makes you human? Does learning something more, make you loose something? Sure, after evolving things won't ever be the same again but it won't loose what it was before. I mean we humans also evolved because of influences that were not in our power, we adapted to the circumstances.

I would have loved seeing how humans would adapt to this new situation. Would they have evolved to a higher level or would they have been extinguished like so many other species before? I mean the oh-so-special-trope could have been in effect still. Showing that mankind, other than extinguished species, did survive due to evolution, adaptation or whatever. Oh, this show would have been so great. But no, human dignity my ass >.< Yeah, Bravo! What has this dignity done for us? Oh yeah, wars that never stop and oh yeah, destroying the planet because of our greed for power. And there are good things, you say? In my opinion they don't really outweigh the bad things. Sure we live a comfortable life in industrial countries but if it goes on like this humanity is going to destroy itself.

Looking out for the good of humanity, my ass! This is a nice concept but we are too selfish and afraid (me included, don't worry ;D). We especially use wars to keep the status quo for each separate country. One humanity? Don't make me laugh. If only mankind would stand together - we could reach so much (ideals speaking here x"D I am still only a selfish human being after all).

The show is right in one point: We are not ready to handle things like that BUT maybe we need an impact like that to see that we are headed for destruction. Srsly, we don't know what will happen if we give up what we have now...I mean it could only get better, right? I would take zaShuninas offer to go to the anisotropic anytime. He wants knowledge? No problem, he can have whatever he wants if that means we can evolve. I mean he even gave Shindo the chance to go with him, not all of humanity, only Shindo. But no, because Saraka is in love with Shindo all of mankind was thrown into it. They didn't even get a chance to voice their own opinion. Saraka says and everybody has to obey. For better or for worse, mankind needs to change...but as I wrote before: we are too comfortable in our little shell. So real change won't happen for a very very long time...probably not ever.

Srsly, what happened here? So humanity isn't strong enough on its own after all? Oh no, we just need the deus ex machina to destroy the "evil" alien that we haven't approved of because we didn't have sex with it and created the ultimate being with. But in the end the ultimate being that we created is ONLY used for destroying the evil other. After that it is never to be seen again. It will never interfere again so that humanity can evolve by itself again. Now only with the knowledge that something more is out there. Now humanity can go out there and seize the unknown. Erm, wait what? So, change brought to us from the outside is bad but the same change seized by us is good? Wait, what? I mean, only because someone gives us something we are still the ones deciding to use it, right? It doesn't matter if we receive or seize it, right? Or is this the "We have to do this with our power only"-thing, that I don't quite comprehend.

In the end the anime really self-destructed in the worst way possible.


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