Apr 26, 2017

Anime Review: クズの本懐 Scum's Wish

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Actually I had already planned  3 other reviews before this one but as this Scum's Wish had such a great impact on me I will put them on hold and jump straight to this one ;) So, here we go~

クズの本懐 Scum's Wish

(c) Studio Lerche

The anime was aired during Winter 2017 and consists of 12 episodes. It is about highschool students Hanabi and Mugi who are both in an unrequited love with their teachers. To fill the void that this love has left for them both they start going out with each other, seeing each other as a replacement for their "real love". What ensues is a struggle between love, lust and finding their true feelings.

(c) Studio Lerche

STORY: 8/10
This is nothing you just watch for fun and there were times when I hated how the story went but in itself it is really good. It is far from the typical romance anime and at points you are just going "WTF is happening now?" but this is one thing that makes the story good. It is not boy meets girl, there are some cute struggles and at the end they are together. It is more: boy and girl meet, they both love other people but still get in a relationship with each other and in the course of the story hurt each other and the people around them. It is a f***d up story and that's what it makes so real because not everything will be magically better at the end.

(c) Studio Lerche

In terms of likability I should give them all 1/10 but that is not the point of the whole show in my opinion. We are supposed to dislike what they are doing but at the same time we recognize that what is shown is part of every human being. Loving someone just because we love them and wanting nothing in return? Well, that is wishful thinking - first and foremost everyone is thinking about themselves before anyone else. Everyone is looking for their own happiness and telling yourself otherwise is deceiving yourself - the show makes this absolutely clear and this is why we start disliking the characters. Because they are too real...and sometimes they are just over the top. We want them to do the right thing, to feel pure feelings and do the "right" thing but in the end they are flawed humans.

(c) Studio Lerche

ART: 9/10
It is just beautiful to look at. I can't say much more about it. In my opinion it feels like a stark contrast to the "dirty" story but than it fits perfectly. 

(c) Studio Lerche
Aaaaaahhhhh~ those eyes *.* [(c) Studio Lerche]
MUSIC: 10/10
I loved both the opening and ending theme so much. They were a perfect match for the show. Also the BGM was really on point~

I would really love to say that I loved it but it was really hard to watch at times but not because the story was bad but because it sometimes felt to real. There was no "magical" thing that made everything good and everyone didn't go out with a smile at the end. The show was good because of that. But I think this anime is not for everyone. If you like to venture into new things and are not afraid to dive into the ugliest part of the human feelings GO FOR IT! I watched the anime on amazon prime (Germany).

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