May 21, 2017

Anime Review: 凪のあすから - Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea

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Time for another Anime Review. Sorry for not updating my blog for nearly a month but I was kinda busy...with stuff. Mainly watching anime as always and getting my stuff together xD I probably watched enough anime to write about for the next two months *coughs* But here goes my latest review:

 凪のあすから - Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea

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The anime has 26 episodes and was aired between October 2013 and April 2014.

A long time ago every human lived under the sea until some people weren't satisfied anymore and decided to live on the surface from now on. As a result for abandoning their life under the sea, the god of the sea took away their scale-like protection called "Ena" and thus the people on the surface were no longer able to return. Many years have passed since that time and the rift between the people of the sea and the people of the surface grew wider and many misunderstandings began to arise.

(c) P.A. Works
The story of Nagi-Asu revolves around the childhood friends Mukaido Manaka, Sakishima Hikari, Hiradaira Chisaki and Isaki Kaname, 4 middle schoolers from beyond the sea. The four of them are forced to go to a new school on the surface as their old school has been closed. At their new school they meet Kihara Tsumugu who will soon become an important person for them. Starting with this meeting the lives of the friends are bound to change - not only do they face discrimination from the people of the surface and encounter personal struggles but they also have to face a disaster that might destroy the life on the surface.

(c) P.A. Works
STORY: 9/10
I think the premise is really unique and the flow of the storytelling makes you want to watch the whole show in one go. Even though there are some fantasy elements within the story, it is mainly driven by the relationship between the characters and how they evolve. The pacing seems to be rather slow at first but I think this is the charm of the anime.

(c) P.A. Works
Nothing much to complain about here. The characters are really well written with only some minor points that could have been better. I love how even minor characters get a real backstory and you get to know them. Also rather than focusing on a main hero and heroine there are several heroes to this story, each with a distinct character. The character development is also really interesting. Each and every one is shown to walk a different path: for example one is refusing to change because of the unknown and another one is seen struggling in "the shadows" wanting to be recognized. It is really interesting to watch the character-tropes, that were put into this anime, unravel - Only mentioning "fateful encounter" here ;D

(c) P.A. Works

ART: 9/10
OMG, this anime is so beautiful. Especially the eyes are just to die for. I literally could just sit there and look at the eyes the whole day - srsly, no joking. I also liked how they kept the color palette rather muted. And I can't forget to talk about the backgrounds - they eyes are one thing but the backgrounds are just taken from an artbook. As for the character design I have to say that it is rather cute with the big (and did I mention gorgeous?) eyes, which is normally not my cup of tea but here I really like it.

 (c) P.A. Works

I can really recommend this anime to everyone. The story and the characters are unique and the art is just great. Even though the story mainly focuses on love I wouldn't say that it is your typical romance anime. I would rather call it a study of human relationships and how they evolve and change in different circumstances - that is how I see it. You can watch the anime on crunchyroll.

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