Apr 25, 2017

Anime Review: MSG Ironblooded Orphans - 鉄血のオファンス

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It is time for another Anime-Review from my side ;) Today I am gonna give my opinion about Iron Blooded Orphans the latest (?) installment of the Gundam-series as of now~

Ironblooded Orphans - 鉄血のオファンス

(c) Sunrise
Gundam Ironblooded Orphans is a show that spans over 2 seasons and has 50 episodes in total. It aired from Fall 2015 until Winter 2017 and is part of the popular Gundam-franchise. As far as I know it is independent from other stories of the franchise though.

The story is set around 300 years after a great war between earth and its surrounding space colonies. The world is now mainly ruled by economic powers and an organization called Gjallahorn who is in charge of keeping earth and its colonies safe. Even though there is peace now most of the colonies, especially Mars are rather dependent on earth and are being exploited. Our heroes Orga and Mikazuki are living in this environment and have to make a living at a security company called Chryse Guard Security (CGS). One day this company is hired by Kudelia Aina Bernstein a young aristocratic woman who wants to fight for the rights and independence of Mars and who because of that exact same reason is target of an assasination attempt.

(c) Sunrise
STORY: 8/10
The story is heavily based on politics and political schemes, thus sometimes it gets rather confusing. You really don't know who are the good or bad guys because each side has their causes to do stuff. Of course the viewer is prone to see the main characters as the good guys but there are times when you think that maybe they are on the wrong side after all because at times they are not so sure as well. I really like this about the show - it gives a certain depth to the story BUT at times this is also really annoying because you never know what sh*** is gonna go down next. Sometimes there are also points in the story that I felt were totally not necessary. Killing characters to show that the world isn't nice and to make a point is sometimes a good method but killing characters all the time to make this point over and over again is too much in my opinion. Some deaths were not necessary in my opinion - but maybe I am just biased here x"D What I also liked was the ending of the show. Even though I expected as much after watching the anime I think it was fitting - every other end would have destroyed a great show.

(c) Sunrise
I LOVED THEM!! I loved how the focus was not only on the main characters and their development but also on many of the other team members. I especially loved the relationship between Orga and Mikazuki - loyalty and trust at their best. Furthermore we also got a good view on the characters from the "other" side - the anime also showed their motivations, relationships and struggles at times. I also saw many people on the internet complain that some characters "changed" too much during the show. For example Orga turing from a level headed leader to someone emotional and erratic. Well, it might seem weird BUT looking at how the story developed and what he was thrown into at times this development is easy to understand in my opinion and this is what makes this show even better. Yes, in times of distress and sudden changes a persons real persons reactions to things change drastically. The only downpoint in my opinion is that some major characters there were also only shown as the "bad" guys without explaining their motives but that is only a minor issue.

(c) Sunrise
ART: 7/10
The art and animation was solid in my opinion, there were no cringe-worthy parts but the style is not for everyone and it also took me some time to get into it. If you are looking for something colorful I advise you to keep your hands from this show. 

(c) Sunrise
If you love Gundam this show is totally for you. If you love Mecha it is the same but otherwise it is hard to say. This show is definitely not for everyone as it is really dark and far from a happy show. Personally, I can recommend it very much as each episode leaves you with wanting more and the characters are really lovable (even the supposed bad guys). I recommend it because this show is not between good and evil but about fighting for ones believes. As always you can watch this anime at crunchyroll.

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