Apr 18, 2017

Anime Review: Marginal #4 Kiss から創造 Big Bang

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I already wanted to post this one around 2 weeks ago but as I had problems with the internet (meaning no Internet xD) I had to postpone it until now...which wasn't tro bad because I really had to think about this review but lets start~

Marginal #4 Kiss から創造 Big Bang
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If I am informed correctly Marginal #4 is based on a smartphone otome game about Idols (who wuld have thought? xD). I haven't played the game so I can't compare the anime to it but  the characters were taken from the game and the otome-part was lost all together. The anime now is about the group Marginal #4 who are trying to make it big in the showbiz and reach the end of the galaxy with their music. The show depicts the struggles of the group and each individual member to find their place in the showbiz and within the group itself.

STORY: 6/10
The story is really nothing new. We are introduced to the group in the beginning and over the episodes we see each individual struggle with different things, mainly their self-esteem. There are no big turning-points. The usual misunderstandings happen and at the end their is a big show waiting. 

(c) J.C. Staff
Nothing new here as well. You had your usual characters. One hotblooded guy who thinks he is on top of the world, one who is more level headed, one quirky character and the shy guy - your typical set-up. What I loved though was the dynamic between the twins L and R - they were just too cute and my favourite characters of the show. Other than that the characters were okay but nothing that I would remember years from now.

(c) J.C. Staff
ART: 7/10
I liked it. The colors they used were vibrant and in that regard each character was really unique within the series but I have to ask: What is it with the red haired leads in Idol-anime nowadays? Each and everyone seems cheery on the outside but hides a "dark" was kinda unique for Otoya (UtaPri) but now it is everywhere @.@ Anyways, the art was solid but nothing to make me jump out of my seat. There were many bishonen and this was good enough for me though x"D

(c) J.C. Staff
MUSIC: 5/10
Seeing that this anime is based on music I hoped for something really good but well, the songs were nice and I liked that each episode had a different ending with a different song but the songs itself were, I don't want to say bland but they didn't really catch my attention. They were average Pop at best.

It was fun to watch it while it lasted but it is definitely no anime that I am gonna rewatch any time soon...or ever. If you want to have a fun and cute anime in between waiting for the next episode of your fav show I can recommend this one. And for all bishonen lovers: you won't be disappointed but there won't be miracles either ;) You can watch the anime on crunchyroll.

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