Oct 29, 2014

Cinderalla, Bunnies and a Princess - Outfit Post

Hello sweeties <3

And another weekend (or are it two weekends already?) is over and I have another Outfitpost for you ;)

1. Trip to Basel

We went to Basel two weeks ago and the weather was soooo awesome...still we only walked for a bit and most of the time got lost with the care because the signing in BAsel itself is so horrible you can't even believe it XD 

JSK/Bow: Baby the  Stars shine bright
Bluse/belt: ebay
Socks: Bodyline
Shoes: Bodyline
Bag: Primark

2. Karlsruhe

Last Saturday we went to Karlsruhe which was a first for me as /except for the trainstation) I have never been to Karlsruhe before. I really have to say that the castle and the park are pretty nice but the city is not my cup of tea. It is so gray and there are so many building grounds. Not my fav city x"D I also tried out my new Circle Lenses for the first 30 minutes but they hurt too much and I had to take them out T^T Have to give them another try in the future~

Coat: Fan+Friend
Tights: H&M+Dresslink
Shoes: Bodyline
Hat: H&M

3. Ritter Sport Museum *om nom nom*

Aaaaaand on Sunday we finally found our way to the Ritter Sport museum and store ^O^ I wanted to go there since I moved to Stuttgart but never really got the chance to do it XD I bought so much chocolate you won't believe it...but nice person that I am I already shared it with my colleagues :3

JSK: Baby the Stars shine bright
Blouse/Belt: ebay
Cardigan: Bodyline
Shoes: Bodyline
Tights: Dresslink
Roses: H&M
Crown: Claire's
Bag: Maisons du Monde <3

It is Wednesday already and this means the week is nearly over *O* Do you already have plans for the coming weekend?

Have a nice day~



  1. Ihr wart in Karlsruhe? Schade, dass ich an dem Tag nicht in der Stadt war :( ich kann übrigens verstehen, dass dir Karlsruhe nicht gefällt. Vor den ganzen Bauarbeiten war es eine schöne Stadt und jetzt sieht alles so verhunzt aus.

    1. Das war eher so ne spontane Aktion XD Aber wir waren sicher net das letzte Mal in der Stadt ^^
      Also die BAuarbeiten sind echts schlimm...überall wo min hinschaut nur Baustellen @@

  2. Ist gefühlt zwar schon eine Ewigkeit her, aaaber ich wollte trotzdem noch sagen, dass dein Outfit, was du in Karlsruhe an hattest, total süß ausgesehen hat. x3 Diese Ohren an der Kapuze. Mega! *__*