May 31, 2014

Top 3 - Mecha Anime

Hello sweeties <3

I decided to start a new series on my blog so I will get to blog more frequently from now on. I see so many Top 10 or something around the internet lately, may it be on youtube or other blogs and so I thought "Why not do something like that myself?". But finding a Top 10 isn't so easy most of the time so I thought I start small and make it a Top 3 ^^b And as I am hooked on anime again I will start with an Anime Top 3. So here they come: My Top 3 Mecha Anime ^o^

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン)

I am sure many of you already know what the story is about but I still want to give you a synopsis ;) The story is set in 2015, 15 years after the 2nd Impact which nearly destroyed the whole world. Mankind is trying to fend of the "Angels (Apostels)" with Mecha called the Evangelions that can only be piloted by special Children born after the 2nd Impact.
Why did I chose it? Well, my "synopsis" didn't even scratch the interesting part of the show...I have to admit I am superbad at describing a story though xD Anyways, the show has so many layers and you can find parts of yourself in nearly every character. Aaaaaand it was the 1st Mecha Anime I ever watched - that counts for something, right?

2. Gundam 00

I get the feeling that nearly every Gundam-Anime has kind of the same storyline. There are two opposing countries etc. and there is a war and the Gundams should stop that war...or not? You never know in the beginning why the Gundam were created. That said even though the story is pretty generic I love the characters and the dynamic between them ^^b

3. Genesis of Aquarion (創世のアクアリオン)

This anime is just awesome. Lovers kept apart by time promising to meet even after 1000 years. Mankind on the brink of extinction and only the Aquarion to save them - what can you want more from an Anime? Certainly not the sequel Aquarion Evol >.< While Genesis of Aquarion was EPIC the sequel was just...well, lets say it doesn't exist in my world T^T

So, are you watching Mecha Anime? I have to admit I don't watch them frequently and I am more into mystery and stuff but when I find an awesome Mecha Anime I binge-watch it XD

Hope you have a nice day <3



  1. Das ist ja mal ein ungewohnter Post von dir. :3
    Ich hab leider keinen deiner top 3 Mecha Anime gesehen, aber prinzipiell steh ich da schon drauf. xD

    1. Hehe~ ja, ich schau auch solche Anime...wobei, ich schau zum Großteil eher Anime, die man so auf den ersten Blick net von mir erwarten würde xD

      Die drei Anime sind echt wirklich zu empfehlen *nick nick* Hab sie echt verschlungen XD