May 8, 2014

I fell in love with DreamV~

Hello sweeties <3

Alice has been a bad bad blogger but she is promising to post more again starting NOW *muahahaha* The last weeks were really busy but from now on I will do better ;) And I am gonna start with a shop that caught my attention thanks to my dear friend Vanilla :3 She posted some links on facebook and as it often is I scrolled through the webshop and ordered some things. The shop is called DreamV and you can get really cute Japanese Gyaru items there *fufufu* Unfortunately you can't buy the things directly as they only ship within Japan but there are great shopping services out there ^^v I used Tokyopirates to get the things - I will write a review about the shopping service and DreamV when I received my goodies :3 But today I want to show you what I ordered :D

 Cute Ribbon Sandals in white and Romantic Lace Sandals in Babypink <3 I really needed some new sandals as mine are pretty old already x"D And I think even though these two pairs are rather high they seem really coomfortable...also I love wearing Wedges :3

Romantic Flower Lace Dress in pink *^* It is so so so cute and I think it is the perfect mix between Gyaru and Lolita :3 Also it has a roseprint...I just couldn't say no to that dress *fufufufu*

Alice Ribbon Jumperskirt in pink :) My first choice was lightblue but unfortunately it was sold out T^T So I went for pink instead because I don't have anough pink in my wardrobe already...hahaha ^^"

Last but not least I got this adorable blouse in beige. As I don't have enough blouses already *coughs*...well, I don't have a beige blouse that I also can wear to work, so this beauty had to be mine ;)

Do you have any experiences with DreamV? What is your favourite style at the moment?

Hope you have a nice evening :-*



  1. Ja, ich fand diese Pinkbox echt mal richtig toll :)
    Kannte die 2 Marken davor gar nicht so wirklich :D
    Grüsse ♥

  2. Bist du sicher dass dir Gyaru steht?
    Ich finde dich in Lolita viel süßer :)))

    1. Naja, ich hab es noch nie wirklich ausprobiert also kann iche s net sagen xD
      Und ich würde ja net Gyaru nennen nur weil ich Sachen von Gyaru-Marken trage...ich mag es halt einfach niedlich...und immer nur Lolita ist manchmal recht anstrengend x"D