May 28, 2014

Forever Love~

Hello sweeties <3

You might already guess what this entry is about from the title but for the ones who have never heard of Yoshiki and X-Japan this would be a pretty hard guess ;) I went to the Yoshiki Classical concert in Berlin on the 23rd of May and it was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I know Yoshikis music for nearly 14 years now and I finally got the chance to see him live - it was breathtaking. The concert was so emotional for me...I laughed, I cried - I was just happy to be part of this whole experience...and I have to admit, at the beginning of the year I was not quite sure if I would go because the tickets and flights to Berlin were rather expensive but than a good friend convinced me and I regret nothing :D 

TT^TT I have to cry everytime I watch this video - not only because of the intimate scenes shown on the big screen but also because Yoshiki was so emotional in announcing this song - He told us that he composed this song for the loved ones he lost, naming his father, hide and Taiji and also told us that "Give all your love to the people you love while you can". He also played "Wind of Change" out of the blue and said that he wanted to play it because Berlin reminded him of that song - I was so speechless and again I cried x"D And another highlight for me was Art of Life - for those who know me also know that this is the song of my life, there is no song that I love more than this one and Yoshiki played it at the concert *happy*- you cannot imagine how much I love Yoshiki and how proud I am that he made it this far - he is such an amazing person <3 <3 <3

 Ready for the concert <3 I chose roses for my dear Yoshiki ^-^ 
I also met some really nice people before the concert and got one smaller wish fullfilled also :3 Thanks to my dear Asmo-chan ^o^

 The face of happiness xD And before the concert I had a little photoshoot :3 Thanks again for giving me the opportunity ^O^

Yoshiki was so cute during the whole concert - even after all those years he still is so shy <3 Did I mention that I love him so so much? xD Also after the concert we got superlucky and saw him leaving the venue and giving autographs...I didn't get near enough for one though but that doesn't matter because the evening was so so so amazing and I will come back to Berlin again soon because I was invited to a Teaparty :3

What was your greatest concert experience so far? Who is the musician you want to meet at least once during your life?

Have a nice day <3



  1. Hey ^_^

    Toll, dass dir das Konzert so gut gefallen hat. Ich find's teilweise unglaublich, wie Musiker es schaffen, Menschen auf so eine emotionale Weise zu berühren QQ. Ich hatte vor kurzem erst ein ähnliches Konzert.<3

    Viel Spaß auf der Teeparty, höhö.
    Und hübsches Outfit! ^^

    Liebe Grüße :3

    1. Huhu ^^

      ich finde es auch immer wieder faszinierend :3 Hab ich aber auch net so oft, dass mich ein Konzert so berührt ^^

      Liebe Grüße :)

  2. Oh, ich freu mich, dass du so ein schönes und emotionales Konzert hattest! ^-^
    Sowas ist echt unbezahlbar, oder?

    1. Und das Witzige ist, dass ich erst wirklich überlegt hab ob ich hingehen soll...aber ich hätte mich so arg geärgert, hätte iche s net getan ^^" Es war einfach einer der tollsten Abende in meinem Leben *hach*

      Ist echt unbezahlbar *-*